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Spam and Abuse Watch

This board allows members to report the accounts of spammers and others who abuse the forums in order to give other members the chance to vote to close the offending account.

GeneralRe: Troll from moderation: Member 15043309 - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 9:40
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 9:40 
GeneralTroll from moderation: Member 15043284 - gone Pin
OriginalGriff11-Jan-21 7:57
mveOriginalGriff11-Jan-21 7:57 
GeneralKeystroker troll is back again Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 6:34
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 6:34 
GeneralRe: Keystroker troll is back again - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 6:58
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 6:58 
GeneralNo actual payload - report based on nick/jobtitle and/or profile picture Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 6:32
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 6:32 
GeneralAccounts with spam profiles + other payload Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 6:30
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 6:30 
GeneralRe: Accounts with spam profiles + other payload - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 7:01
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 7:01 
GeneralCar spammers Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 6:25
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 6:25 
1. fastcarsremoval - Professional Profile[^]
2. tyresnewport - Professional Profile[^]
3. hazaracarremoval - Professional Profile[^]
4. steveslatterycar - Professional Profile[^]
GeneralRe: Car spammers - all gone (and #2 didn't even know how to spell "tires" :-P) Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 7:00
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 7:00 
GeneralRe: Car spammers - all gone (and #2 didn't even know how to spell "tyres" :-P) Pin
Richard Deeming11-Jan-21 21:55
mveRichard Deeming11-Jan-21 21:55 
GeneralVarious tik-tok and other social media spammers x7 Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 6:22
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 6:22 
GeneralRe: Various tik-tok and other social media spammers x7: only #7 still alive Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 6:59
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 6:59 
GeneralMember 15043147 is a key stroker Pin
PIEBALDconsult11-Jan-21 4:44
professionalPIEBALDconsult11-Jan-21 4:44 
GeneralRe: Member 15043147 is a key stroker - Gone Pin
jeron111-Jan-21 5:02
Memberjeron111-Jan-21 5:02 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Global[DELETED]help) Pin
OriginalGriff11-Jan-21 2:25
mveOriginalGriff11-Jan-21 2:25 
GeneralRe: Spammer from moderation queue (Global[DELETED]help) - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 2:33
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 2:33 
GeneralAnother keystroker - 15042973 Pin
CHill6011-Jan-21 2:17
mveCHill6011-Jan-21 2:17 
GeneralRe: Another keystroker - 15042973 - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 2:32
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 2:32 
GeneralStill alive SAOTDs Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 1:19
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 1:19 
GeneralSpammer in article moderate (Misty Spencer, Cloud Computing) Pin
Sandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:50
mvaSandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:50 
GeneralRe: Spammer in article moderate (Misty Spencer, Cloud Computing) - gone Pin
Greg Utas11-Jan-21 1:11
mvaGreg Utas11-Jan-21 1:11 
GeneralSpammer in article moderate (AglowMoversAndPackers, Packers and movers in...) Pin
Sandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:35
mvaSandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:35 
GeneralLink correction Pin
Nelek11-Jan-21 0:54
protectorNelek11-Jan-21 0:54 
GeneralSpammer in article moderate (NulavanceNewZealand, Nulavance NZ...) - Another Pin
Sandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:28
mvaSandeep Mewara11-Jan-21 0:28 
GeneralLink correction Pin
Nelek11-Jan-21 0:53
protectorNelek11-Jan-21 0:53 

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