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GeneralRe: Of Code and Comments Pin
den2k8816-Oct-17 3:28
professionalden2k8816-Oct-17 3:28 
GeneralRe: Of Code and Comments Pin
GuyThiebaut16-Oct-17 4:04
professionalGuyThiebaut16-Oct-17 4:04 
QuestionHTTP 403 Forbidden Error Pin
shanmugapriya rajendran19-Apr-17 15:10
Membershanmugapriya rajendran19-Apr-17 15:10 
AnswerRe: HTTP 403 Forbidden Error Pin
User 418025413-Jun-17 4:52
MemberUser 418025413-Jun-17 4:52 
QuestionWorking with Google Drive in WPF [Jason Gleim, 6 Mar 2013 ] Pin
Raja Chakraborty19-Apr-17 5:15
MemberRaja Chakraborty19-Apr-17 5:15 
AnswerRe: Working with Google Drive in WPF [Jason Gleim, 6 Mar 2013 ] Pin
ZurdoDev19-Apr-17 5:39
professionalZurdoDev19-Apr-17 5:39 
QuestionJob search Pin
aterriba5-Apr-17 11:52
Memberaterriba5-Apr-17 11:52 
JokeRe: Job search Pin
Richard Deeming6-Apr-17 2:08
mveRichard Deeming6-Apr-17 2:08 
I'd start by buying a keyboard with a working Return key. Poke tongue | ;-P

"These people looked deep within my soul and assigned me a number based on the order in which I joined."
- Homer

AnswerMessage Closed Pin
7-May-17 7:58
professionaltehransenf7-May-17 7:58 
AnswerRe: Job search Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz13-Jun-17 6:05
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz13-Jun-17 6:05 
QuestionSoftware Development Agreement Contracts Pin
Member 441122528-Mar-17 4:14
MemberMember 441122528-Mar-17 4:14 
QuestionTrying to break into coding. Pin
Member 1307020219-Mar-17 19:14
MemberMember 1307020219-Mar-17 19:14 
AnswerRe: Trying to break into coding. Pin
TX643022-May-17 6:16
MemberTX643022-May-17 6:16 
AnswerRe: Trying to break into coding. Pin
Jim_Snyder19-Sep-17 7:09
professionalJim_Snyder19-Sep-17 7:09 
QuestionWhat's on your professional bucket list? Pin
eschindler16-Mar-17 9:10
Membereschindler16-Mar-17 9:10 
QuestionCalling all freelance web designers Pin
Brady Kelly17-Feb-17 5:03
MemberBrady Kelly17-Feb-17 5:03 
AnswerRe: Calling all freelance web designers Pin
kmoorevs4-Mar-17 7:10
Memberkmoorevs4-Mar-17 7:10 
GeneralRe: Calling all freelance web designers Pin
Brady Kelly4-Mar-17 7:28
MemberBrady Kelly4-Mar-17 7:28 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
8-Nov-16 22:44
MemberCodeGroundOnlineTestingPlatform8-Nov-16 22:44 
GeneralRe: What are your weaknesses? Pin
Eddy Vluggen8-Nov-16 23:28
professionalEddy Vluggen8-Nov-16 23:28 
QuestionSolution Summary Pin
Hakmeh Mohannad5-Nov-16 22:50
MemberHakmeh Mohannad5-Nov-16 22:50 
AnswerRe: Solution Summary Pin
jschell26-Dec-16 8:54
Memberjschell26-Dec-16 8:54 
AnswerRe: Solution Summary Pin
ZurdoDev27-Dec-16 2:29
professionalZurdoDev27-Dec-16 2:29 
QuestionGraphic Design & Video File Transfer Best Methods Pin
MakeGreatAgain21-Aug-16 21:12
MemberMakeGreatAgain21-Aug-16 21:12 
AnswerRe: Graphic Design & Video File Transfer Best Methods Pin
Eddy Vluggen25-Oct-16 0:40
professionalEddy Vluggen25-Oct-16 0:40 

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