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GeneralCommunity Project Pin
ItsElio5-Dec-14 9:17
MemberItsElio5-Dec-14 9:17 
QuestionThesis Research Help! Need Participants for Google Glass App Design Card Sorting Pin
Josh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 6:50
MemberJosh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 6:50 
QuestionI'm developing a new programming language but it needs something and what tips would you guys like to see added? Pin
Myvar16-Oct-14 21:07
MemberMyvar16-Oct-14 21:07 
QuestionAny C/C++ programmers want to try a new dependencies manager?? Pin
biicode2-Sep-14 2:33
professionalbiicode2-Sep-14 2:33 
QuestionNeed to test and advice me about my Accounting Software Pin
wedagedara16-Aug-14 0:31
Memberwedagedara16-Aug-14 0:31 
QuestionCollaborative downloading application Pin
Member 109362359-Jul-14 17:20
MemberMember 109362359-Jul-14 17:20 
QuestionTest a c# kinect game Pin
Member 1080779612-May-14 10:31
MemberMember 1080779612-May-14 10:31 
QuestionNeed help to run AVX2 console benchmark Pin
Sanmayce27-Apr-14 8:47
MemberSanmayce27-Apr-14 8:47 
Whoever wants to run my superfast (maybe the fastest) LZSS decompression benchmark will help me a lot to learn more about supremacy of 512bit registers.

Seeing how Haswell boasts 1TB/s L1 cache speeds made me curious how close to that amazing bandwidth one well-written memory etude can come.
The benchmark package includes 2 executables, first compiled as 64bit using 64bit GP registers, second as 32bit using 512bit ZMM registers.

The 807MB file included in the test is compressed down to 249MB (ZIP's maximum mode gives 77MB), the decompression speed is 956MB/s on my laptop with Core2 T7500.
Given that my 'memcpy()' works at 1950MB/s and i7-4770K's at 13211MB/s, I expect on Haswell speeds exceeding 6x956MB/s (for one thread), is my estimation correct?
The package: Fastest strstr-like function in C!?[^]

I will be glad to see how both Intel & AMD i.e. Haswell & Excavator perform.
NewsPi Day and Swapnajit's Pi Webservice Pin
mittra15-Mar-14 20:29
Membermittra15-Mar-14 20:29 
GeneralBraille Alphabet Generation through images Pin
mittra14-Feb-14 10:29
Membermittra14-Feb-14 10:29 
QuestionWindows 8/8.1 App Testing Pin
Casey Sheridan18-Jan-14 5:56
professionalCasey Sheridan18-Jan-14 5:56 
QuestionWPF Mentor to help with projects Pin
Ron Beyer15-Jan-14 17:12
professionalRon Beyer15-Jan-14 17:12 
QuestionBeta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey10-Jan-14 9:39
professionalMike Hankey10-Jan-14 9:39 
AnswerRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi12-Jan-14 23:24
professionalMarco Bertschi12-Jan-14 23:24 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey13-Jan-14 7:10
professionalMike Hankey13-Jan-14 7:10 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey21-Jan-14 16:55
professionalMike Hankey21-Jan-14 16:55 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi22-Jan-14 2:48
professionalMarco Bertschi22-Jan-14 2:48 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey22-Jan-14 4:03
professionalMike Hankey22-Jan-14 4:03 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi23-Jan-14 7:58
professionalMarco Bertschi23-Jan-14 7:58 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey23-Jan-14 8:19
professionalMike Hankey23-Jan-14 8:19 
AnswerRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Ron Beyer15-Jan-14 17:01
professionalRon Beyer15-Jan-14 17:01 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey15-Jan-14 17:34
professionalMike Hankey15-Jan-14 17:34 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Ron Beyer15-Jan-14 17:42
professionalRon Beyer15-Jan-14 17:42 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey16-Jan-14 3:53
professionalMike Hankey16-Jan-14 3:53 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey21-Jan-14 16:56
professionalMike Hankey21-Jan-14 16:56 

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