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AnswerRe: Accessing textarea value inside gridview code behind Pin
Anuradha Lakra28-Sep-11 20:41
MemberAnuradha Lakra28-Sep-11 20:41 
Questionpartial updating Pin
Basilfa28-Sep-11 3:07
MemberBasilfa28-Sep-11 3:07 
AnswerRe: partial updating Pin
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)28-Sep-11 4:48
professionalAli Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)28-Sep-11 4:48 
GeneralRe: partial updating Pin
Basilfa28-Sep-11 4:52
MemberBasilfa28-Sep-11 4:52 
GeneralRe: partial updating Pin
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)28-Sep-11 22:56
professionalAli Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)28-Sep-11 22:56 
AnswerRe: partial updating Pin
Morgs Morgan29-Sep-11 22:48
MemberMorgs Morgan29-Sep-11 22:48 
QuestionHow to Find the Position of a Textbox in a Page in C# Pin
Vimalsoft(Pty) Ltd27-Sep-11 23:54
professionalVimalsoft(Pty) Ltd27-Sep-11 23:54 
AnswerRe: How to Find the Position of a Textbox in a Page in C# Pin
Morgs Morgan29-Sep-11 22:37
MemberMorgs Morgan29-Sep-11 22:37 
Hi, you cqan achieve this on client-side using jQuery like so:

var top = $('#txtTextBoxId').offset().top;
var left= $('#txtTextBoxId').offset().left;

By finding the top and left of the textbox, you can easily create a div and fix it at maybe 10px below/up and 10px left/right depending on what it is that you are trying to achieve.

More here:

Questiongetting the 'Could not load the assembly' error for only one section of the project Pin
saud_a_k27-Sep-11 8:18
Membersaud_a_k27-Sep-11 8:18 
Questionadd new location by google in project Pin
sheemap26-Sep-11 22:05
Membersheemap26-Sep-11 22:05 
AnswerRe: add new location by google in project Pin
fjdiewornncalwe27-Sep-11 7:23
professionalfjdiewornncalwe27-Sep-11 7:23 
QuestionTemplate in Pin
MalarGayu26-Sep-11 19:23
MemberMalarGayu26-Sep-11 19:23 
AnswerRe: Template in Pin
Pravin Patil, Mumbai26-Sep-11 19:54
MemberPravin Patil, Mumbai26-Sep-11 19:54 
GeneralRe: Template in Pin
MalarGayu26-Sep-11 20:34
MemberMalarGayu26-Sep-11 20:34 
GeneralRe: Template in Pin
Pravin Patil, Mumbai27-Sep-11 2:50
MemberPravin Patil, Mumbai27-Sep-11 2:50 
QuestionSingle Signon Implementation in ASP.NET ( Different Domains with two different applications ) Pin
PrasanthSP26-Sep-11 16:11
MemberPrasanthSP26-Sep-11 16:11 
Questionplay video on myweb page Pin
apadana_198926-Sep-11 15:07
Memberapadana_198926-Sep-11 15:07 
AnswerRe: play video on myweb page Pin
uspatel27-Sep-11 0:32
professionaluspatel27-Sep-11 0:32 
Questionoverride to master page Pin
Member 821751726-Sep-11 9:53
MemberMember 821751726-Sep-11 9:53 
AnswerRe: override to master page Pin
Not Active27-Sep-11 7:04
mentorNot Active27-Sep-11 7:04 
Questionpost build even with xcopy Pin
byka26-Sep-11 9:18
Memberbyka26-Sep-11 9:18 
AnswerRe: post build even with xcopy Pin
Richard MacCutchan26-Sep-11 22:25
mveRichard MacCutchan26-Sep-11 22:25 
Questionmaster pages 2010 Pin
Member 821751726-Sep-11 6:51
MemberMember 821751726-Sep-11 6:51 
AnswerRe: master pages 2010 Pin
Not Active26-Sep-11 7:03
mentorNot Active26-Sep-11 7:03 
QuestionSql Query for binary tree Pin
avanish upadhyay26-Sep-11 0:40
Memberavanish upadhyay26-Sep-11 0:40 

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