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QuestionC# designer tool Pin
classy_dog12-Sep-11 13:12
Memberclassy_dog12-Sep-11 13:12 
AnswerRe: C# designer tool Pin
Pravin Patil, Mumbai12-Sep-11 22:10
MemberPravin Patil, Mumbai12-Sep-11 22:10 
QuestionProblems with Site.Master Pin
Rick van Woudenberg12-Sep-11 1:38
MemberRick van Woudenberg12-Sep-11 1:38 
AnswerRe: Problems with Site.Master Pin
GenJerDan12-Sep-11 4:39
MemberGenJerDan12-Sep-11 4:39 
AnswerRe: Problems with Site.Master Pin
RichardGrimmer12-Sep-11 6:41
MemberRichardGrimmer12-Sep-11 6:41 
GeneralRe: Problems with Site.Master Pin
Rick van Woudenberg13-Sep-11 13:50
MemberRick van Woudenberg13-Sep-11 13:50 
Questionasp .net IE9 autocomplete Pin
scarface2112-Sep-11 1:12
Memberscarface2112-Sep-11 1:12 
QuestionURL Rewritting rule Pin
Gaurav Goel (Team Lead)11-Sep-11 22:54
professionalGaurav Goel (Team Lead)11-Sep-11 22:54 
I need some clever regular expression writing in IIS7 to redirect traffic from one site to another, the pages are similar in structure but information needs re-writing.

Here's an example:

needs to be structured as the following

Here's what needs changing:

1). Only Alpha, Numeric and hyphen's allowed.
2). Change '_' to '-'.
3). Remove the '_NUMBER' directly after the manufacturer name and before the '/'.
4). Remove the '_NUMBER' directly after the product name and before the '.htm'.
5). Remove the '.htm' and replace with a '/'.

It needs writing into the code below please as a permanent 301 redirect:
AnswerRe: URL Rewritting rule Pin
David C# Hobbyist.12-Sep-11 14:29
professionalDavid C# Hobbyist.12-Sep-11 14:29 
QuestionSys._SriptLoader._currentTask is null on Google Chrome [modified] Pin
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)10-Sep-11 22:01
professionalAli Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)10-Sep-11 22:01 
QuestionWork in offline mode when internet is offline Pin
md_refay10-Sep-11 21:44
Membermd_refay10-Sep-11 21:44 
AnswerRe: Work in offline mode when internet is offline Pin
Blue_Boy11-Sep-11 6:46
MemberBlue_Boy11-Sep-11 6:46 
QuestionDynamically generate Textboxes with Ajax AutoCompleteExtender how? Pin
anand kumbham10-Sep-11 0:42
Memberanand kumbham10-Sep-11 0:42 
AnswerRe: Dynamically generate Textboxes with Ajax AutoCompleteExtender how? Pin
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)11-Sep-11 21:04
professionalAli Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)11-Sep-11 21:04 
Questionwebpages for 2010 Pin
Member 82175179-Sep-11 19:37
MemberMember 82175179-Sep-11 19:37 
AnswerRe: webpages for 2010 Pin
David C# Hobbyist.10-Sep-11 15:56
professionalDavid C# Hobbyist.10-Sep-11 15:56 
QuestionFetching response from a different web server Pin
CodingYoshi9-Sep-11 7:38
MemberCodingYoshi9-Sep-11 7:38 
QuestionDropDownList MVC Pin
awadhendra tiwari8-Sep-11 22:39
Memberawadhendra tiwari8-Sep-11 22:39 
QuestionCustom validation Pin
jashimu8-Sep-11 6:02
Memberjashimu8-Sep-11 6:02 
AnswerRe: Custom validation Pin
David C# Hobbyist.8-Sep-11 16:28
professionalDavid C# Hobbyist.8-Sep-11 16:28 
AnswerRe: Custom validation Pin
Sandeepkumar Ramani9-Sep-11 3:35
MemberSandeepkumar Ramani9-Sep-11 3:35 
GeneralRe: Custom validation Pin
jashimu9-Sep-11 7:08
Memberjashimu9-Sep-11 7:08 
QuestionLearning ASP .NET Pin
megasoft house8-Sep-11 1:58
Membermegasoft house8-Sep-11 1:58 
AnswerRe: Learning ASP .NET Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov8-Sep-11 21:58
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov8-Sep-11 21:58 
AnswerRe: Learning ASP .NET Pin
Dalek Dave12-Sep-11 0:13
professionalDalek Dave12-Sep-11 0:13 

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