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GeneralRe: List collections Pin
the headlessnick4-Aug-11 22:28
Memberthe headlessnick4-Aug-11 22:28 
Questiongridview dragable column Pin
rajender@tcs2-Aug-11 20:45
Memberrajender@tcs2-Aug-11 20:45 
AnswerRe: gridview dragable column Pin
Orcun Iyigun4-Aug-11 7:01
Member Orcun Iyigun4-Aug-11 7:01 Mobile Pin
netJP12L2-Aug-11 6:11
MembernetJP12L2-Aug-11 6:11 
AnswerRe: Mobile Pin
Orcun Iyigun4-Aug-11 7:08
Member Orcun Iyigun4-Aug-11 7:08 
AnswerRe: Mobile Pin
Morgs Morgan8-Aug-11 0:29
MemberMorgs Morgan8-Aug-11 0:29 
GeneralRe: Mobile Pin
netJP12L8-Aug-11 5:18
MembernetJP12L8-Aug-11 5:18 
GeneralRe: Mobile Pin
Morgs Morgan9-Aug-11 21:29
MemberMorgs Morgan9-Aug-11 21:29 
netJP12L wrote:
Also, how do i generate the dynamic width for different phones rather than a
fixed width.

If you want that, it depends which mobile service providers (network) your target mobile users are using, other providers will give you something called User Profile/Agent that gives you basic information about the users handset e.g. make, dimensions, browser, and more like i said it depends.
Normally when your site is requested, you can request the user profile/agent from the network and then resize your site according to the info that you get back (i.e dimensions).

Gud Luck Smile | :)
QuestionReceive stock quotes Pin
Rupert Koan2-Aug-11 4:34
MemberRupert Koan2-Aug-11 4:34 
AnswerRe: Receive stock quotes Pin
David Mujica2-Aug-11 4:56
MemberDavid Mujica2-Aug-11 4:56 
AnswerRe: Receive stock quotes Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov2-Aug-11 8:20
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov2-Aug-11 8:20 
GeneralRe: Receive stock quotes Pin
Rupert Koan2-Aug-11 10:47
MemberRupert Koan2-Aug-11 10:47 
QuestionButton loses link to event after postback Pin
Dominick Marciano1-Aug-11 12:01
professionalDominick Marciano1-Aug-11 12:01 
QuestionConfigurationManager.GetSection method Pin
indian1431-Aug-11 10:38
Memberindian1431-Aug-11 10:38 
AnswerRe: ConfigurationManager.GetSection method Pin
Shameel5-Aug-11 0:16
professionalShameel5-Aug-11 0:16 
QuestionError checking in application Pin
vanikanc1-Aug-11 3:58
Membervanikanc1-Aug-11 3:58 
AnswerRe: Error checking in application Pin
Not Active1-Aug-11 4:14
mentorNot Active1-Aug-11 4:14 
QuestionChanging Table's Image [modified] Pin
Eddie19871-Aug-11 3:57
MemberEddie19871-Aug-11 3:57 
AnswerRe: Changing Table's Image [modified] Pin
Not Active1-Aug-11 4:18
mentorNot Active1-Aug-11 4:18 
GeneralRe: Changing Table's Image Pin
Eddie19871-Aug-11 4:23
MemberEddie19871-Aug-11 4:23 
Questionremoving aspx extension Pin
benams31-Jul-11 23:44
Memberbenams31-Jul-11 23:44 
Questiononfocus postback problem Pin
minckle31-Jul-11 13:06
Memberminckle31-Jul-11 13:06 
AnswerRe: onfocus postback problem Pin
Not Active31-Jul-11 14:24
mentorNot Active31-Jul-11 14:24 
GeneralRe: onfocus postback problem [modified] Pin
minckle1-Aug-11 14:30
Memberminckle1-Aug-11 14:30 
GeneralRe: onfocus postback problem Pin
Not Active1-Aug-11 15:24
mentorNot Active1-Aug-11 15:24 

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