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GeneralRe: I cann't Delete Folder Pin
Mohammad Dayyan21-Jan-09 9:46
MemberMohammad Dayyan21-Jan-09 9:46 
AnswerRe: I cann't Delete Folder Pin
Pete O'Hanlon21-Jan-09 0:07
mvaPete O'Hanlon21-Jan-09 0:07 
AnswerRe: I cann't Delete Folder Pin
Yusuf14-Apr-09 16:35
MemberYusuf14-Apr-09 16:35 
Question[Message Deleted] Pin
Marduk.Anu15-Jan-09 14:11
MemberMarduk.Anu15-Jan-09 14:11 
AnswerRe: C programmer moving to C# and then??? Looking for advice. Pin
Henry Minute15-Jan-09 14:41
MemberHenry Minute15-Jan-09 14:41 
QuestionEmerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
ShilpaGinodiya15-Dec-08 23:36
MemberShilpaGinodiya15-Dec-08 23:36 
AnswerRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Simon P Stevens17-Dec-08 1:47
MemberSimon P Stevens17-Dec-08 1:47 
GeneralRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Henry Venn30-Dec-08 15:58
MemberHenry Venn30-Dec-08 15:58 
I've done an undergrad and then a Masters both in IT (a decade between) and I reckon you could pick a strong emerging technology such as what I am hoping to do - VSTO. I am working on my second Word add-in well its not an add-in this time because the server needs to run with no office installed - you get the drift, I need to LEARN HEAPS about a particular area within .NET and although it limits the job options, having strong skills in that area (or whatever...MS robotics studio maybe?) will mean that you should always be employable!

All the best


. . . . . <--=_~.|-|./^\.\/.~_=--> . . . . .

for (Dwiz->isWorkin; time < 5:30 PM; Fun++) {
// ...

time.Flies; // !

AnswerRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Aman Bhullar6-Jan-09 6:20
MemberAman Bhullar6-Jan-09 6:20 
QuestionNeed Help From ASP.Net, VB.Net Developers Pin
Binoy Rajan27-Nov-08 3:49
MemberBinoy Rajan27-Nov-08 3:49 
AnswerRe: Need Help From ASP.Net, VB.Net Developers Pin
Simon P Stevens28-Nov-08 1:03
MemberSimon P Stevens28-Nov-08 1:03 
QuestionAny1 knows some company that sponsors H1-B visas for .NET Developers? Pin
csdeveloper26-Nov-08 9:13
Membercsdeveloper26-Nov-08 9:13 
QuestionBiztalk Server 2006 MSMQ Pin
Jyoti_Ghadge14-Nov-08 19:23
MemberJyoti_Ghadge14-Nov-08 19:23 
QuestionMCSA exam Pin
Mekong River9-Nov-08 0:17
MemberMekong River9-Nov-08 0:17 
NewsSearch Engine Marketing Webinar Pin
BayshoreWebinar5-Nov-08 12:47
MemberBayshoreWebinar5-Nov-08 12:47 
QuestionProgramming tests Pin
Claire8224-Oct-08 2:32
MemberClaire8224-Oct-08 2:32 
AnswerRe: Programming tests Pin
Aman Bhullar28-Dec-08 0:08
MemberAman Bhullar28-Dec-08 0:08 
QuestionNew tricks for an old dog - TCP/IP and C# - any 'pointers' please? [modified] Pin
C Change23-Oct-08 13:08
MemberC Change23-Oct-08 13:08 
Questionquestion related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
mr_muskurahat20-Oct-08 3:28
Membermr_muskurahat20-Oct-08 3:28 
AnswerRe: question related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
AhsanS23-Oct-08 0:59
MemberAhsanS23-Oct-08 0:59 
AnswerRe: question related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
Paul Conrad24-Oct-08 5:41
professionalPaul Conrad24-Oct-08 5:41 
QuestionSnapshot using USB PC Camera button Pin
sahoo_susanta20-Oct-08 1:04
Membersahoo_susanta20-Oct-08 1:04 
GeneralRe: Snapshot using USB PC Camera button Pin
Pete O'Hanlon20-Oct-08 1:26
mvaPete O'Hanlon20-Oct-08 1:26 
QuestionAnalysis and Design book? Pin
g4m4t4tsu16-Oct-08 20:59
Memberg4m4t4tsu16-Oct-08 20:59 
AnswerRe: Analysis and Design book? Pin
Paul Conrad17-Oct-08 7:23
professionalPaul Conrad17-Oct-08 7:23 

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