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AnswerRe: I cann't Delete Folder Pin
Yusuf14-Apr-09 16:35
MemberYusuf14-Apr-09 16:35 
Question[Message Deleted] Pin
Marduk.Anu15-Jan-09 14:11
MemberMarduk.Anu15-Jan-09 14:11 
AnswerRe: C programmer moving to C# and then??? Looking for advice. Pin
Henry Minute15-Jan-09 14:41
MemberHenry Minute15-Jan-09 14:41 
QuestionEmerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
ShilpaGinodiya15-Dec-08 23:36
MemberShilpaGinodiya15-Dec-08 23:36 
AnswerRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Simon P Stevens17-Dec-08 1:47
MemberSimon P Stevens17-Dec-08 1:47 
GeneralRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Henry Venn30-Dec-08 15:58
MemberHenry Venn30-Dec-08 15:58 
AnswerRe: Emerging technologies/trends in .Net Pin
Aman Bhullar6-Jan-09 6:20
MemberAman Bhullar6-Jan-09 6:20 
QuestionNeed Help From ASP.Net, VB.Net Developers Pin
Binoy Rajan27-Nov-08 3:49
MemberBinoy Rajan27-Nov-08 3:49 

I am developing a website, which Contains Around 15 webpages. In Each page (Using MasterPage), it's having top menu (Not ASP.Net Menu Control, Only Html Anchor tags), left menu, and Right Menu. All menu items r Anchor Tags, not ASP.Net Menu Control. Right Side Menu Contents will be Changed Accoring to Page by Page. Right Now what I am Doing is,Right Menu Contents r In an ASP:ContentPlaceHolder. and Whenever Right Menu has to changed, On a Particular page, I am Overriding the MasterPage ASP:ContentPlaceHolder with Page's Design. it's working Fine.
But is this can be achieved, in any other way...
please give ur suggestions.......

Hope u people will help me..
AnswerRe: Need Help From ASP.Net, VB.Net Developers Pin
Simon P Stevens28-Nov-08 1:03
MemberSimon P Stevens28-Nov-08 1:03 
QuestionAny1 knows some company that sponsors H1-B visas for .NET Developers? Pin
csdeveloper26-Nov-08 9:13
Membercsdeveloper26-Nov-08 9:13 
QuestionBiztalk Server 2006 MSMQ Pin
Jyoti_Ghadge14-Nov-08 19:23
MemberJyoti_Ghadge14-Nov-08 19:23 
QuestionMCSA exam Pin
Mekong River9-Nov-08 0:17
MemberMekong River9-Nov-08 0:17 
NewsSearch Engine Marketing Webinar Pin
BayshoreWebinar5-Nov-08 12:47
MemberBayshoreWebinar5-Nov-08 12:47 
QuestionProgramming tests Pin
Claire8224-Oct-08 2:32
MemberClaire8224-Oct-08 2:32 
AnswerRe: Programming tests Pin
Aman Bhullar28-Dec-08 0:08
MemberAman Bhullar28-Dec-08 0:08 
QuestionNew tricks for an old dog - TCP/IP and C# - any 'pointers' please? [modified] Pin
C Change23-Oct-08 13:08
MemberC Change23-Oct-08 13:08 
Questionquestion related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
mr_muskurahat20-Oct-08 3:28
Membermr_muskurahat20-Oct-08 3:28 
AnswerRe: question related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
AhsanS23-Oct-08 0:59
MemberAhsanS23-Oct-08 0:59 
AnswerRe: question related to migration from desktop to web! Pin
Paul Conrad24-Oct-08 5:41
professionalPaul Conrad24-Oct-08 5:41 
QuestionSnapshot using USB PC Camera button Pin
sahoo_susanta20-Oct-08 1:04
Membersahoo_susanta20-Oct-08 1:04 
GeneralRe: Snapshot using USB PC Camera button Pin
Pete O'Hanlon20-Oct-08 1:26
mvaPete O'Hanlon20-Oct-08 1:26 
QuestionAnalysis and Design book? Pin
g4m4t4tsu16-Oct-08 20:59
Memberg4m4t4tsu16-Oct-08 20:59 
AnswerRe: Analysis and Design book? Pin
Paul Conrad17-Oct-08 7:23
professionalPaul Conrad17-Oct-08 7:23 
AnswerRe: Analysis and Design book? Pin
Robert.C.Cartaino17-Oct-08 15:17
MemberRobert.C.Cartaino17-Oct-08 15:17 
AnswerRe: Analysis and Design book? Pin
g4m4t4tsu22-Oct-08 23:54
Memberg4m4t4tsu22-Oct-08 23:54 

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