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AnswerRe: Can i disabled the entries in ComboBox in window application Pin
microsoc1-May-06 23:29
Membermicrosoc1-May-06 23:29 
Questiondll Pin
TAREQ F ABUZUHRI1-May-06 21:46
MemberTAREQ F ABUZUHRI1-May-06 21:46 
Question.Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 Pin
TAREQ F ABUZUHRI1-May-06 21:43
MemberTAREQ F ABUZUHRI1-May-06 21:43 
AnswerRe: .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 Pin
WillemM1-May-06 22:20
MemberWillemM1-May-06 22:20 
QuestionInt to string Pin
Rmokkenstorm1-May-06 21:35
MemberRmokkenstorm1-May-06 21:35 
AnswerRe: Int to string Pin
WillemM1-May-06 22:21
MemberWillemM1-May-06 22:21 
GeneralRe: Int to string Pin
Rmokkenstorm1-May-06 22:25
MemberRmokkenstorm1-May-06 22:25 
AnswerRe: Int to string Pin
J4amieC1-May-06 23:22
MemberJ4amieC1-May-06 23:22 
COnnection.ConnectionString returns a string according to the documentation[^]. So trying to use a string-indexer will fail. The error message says:

The best overloaded method match for 'string.this[int]' has some invalid arguments

which is to say you can use a numeric-indexer on a string variable, to retrieve the character at that index.

string myString = "HelloWorld"
char firstChar = myString[0];

firstChar would contain the letter 'H'

You should tell us what you are trying to achieve, rather than how you are trying to achieve it - that way maybe someone can give you more help.

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AnswerRe: Int to string Pin
Guffa1-May-06 23:25
MemberGuffa1-May-06 23:25 
GeneralRe: Int to string Pin
Rmokkenstorm1-May-06 23:38
MemberRmokkenstorm1-May-06 23:38 
AnswerRe: Int to string Pin
Josh Smith2-May-06 1:43
MemberJosh Smith2-May-06 1:43 
GeneralRe: Int to string Pin
Rmokkenstorm2-May-06 2:43
MemberRmokkenstorm2-May-06 2:43 
GeneralRe: Int to string Pin
Josh Smith2-May-06 4:21
MemberJosh Smith2-May-06 4:21 
GeneralRe: Int to string Pin
Rmokkenstorm2-May-06 4:34
MemberRmokkenstorm2-May-06 4:34 
Questionassigning Values to a resized string Array Pin
abhinish1-May-06 20:50
Memberabhinish1-May-06 20:50 
AnswerRe: assigning Values to a resized string Array Pin
akyriako781-May-06 21:01
Memberakyriako781-May-06 21:01 
Questiongraphics Pin
cshivaprasad1-May-06 20:42
Membercshivaprasad1-May-06 20:42 
AnswerRe: graphics Pin
CWIZO1-May-06 21:14
MemberCWIZO1-May-06 21:14 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
cshivaprasad1-May-06 21:19
Membercshivaprasad1-May-06 21:19 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
CWIZO1-May-06 21:23
MemberCWIZO1-May-06 21:23 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
cshivaprasad1-May-06 21:32
Membercshivaprasad1-May-06 21:32 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
CWIZO1-May-06 21:35
MemberCWIZO1-May-06 21:35 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
cshivaprasad1-May-06 23:41
Membercshivaprasad1-May-06 23:41 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
CWIZO1-May-06 23:45
MemberCWIZO1-May-06 23:45 
GeneralRe: graphics Pin
cshivaprasad2-May-06 0:08
Membercshivaprasad2-May-06 0:08 

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