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QuestionAccess Hyperlink Field Pin
T-Smooth17-Oct-05 2:19
MemberT-Smooth17-Oct-05 2:19 
Questionsteps of configure the MySQL database in Windows XP Pin
khuchaiz16-Oct-05 13:18
Memberkhuchaiz16-Oct-05 13:18 
QuestionDataGrid Pin
kkchh16-Oct-05 4:55
Memberkkchh16-Oct-05 4:55 
AnswerRe: DataGrid Pin
miah alom17-Oct-05 5:31
Membermiah alom17-Oct-05 5:31 
GeneralRe: DataGrid Pin
Anonymous18-Oct-05 14:56
MemberAnonymous18-Oct-05 14:56 
GeneralRe: DataGrid Pin
miah alom19-Oct-05 3:56
Membermiah alom19-Oct-05 3:56 
GeneralRe: DataGrid Pin
Anonymous19-Oct-05 14:34
MemberAnonymous19-Oct-05 14:34 
AnswerRe: DataGrid Pin
dwatkins@dirq.net18-Oct-05 6:01
Memberdwatkins@dirq.net18-Oct-05 6:01 
Are you using a .net datagrid? Here is the c# code to hide a column by the index:

myGrid.Columns[0].Visible = true;

Dirk Watkins
QuestionChinese antique furniture Pin
Member 236383815-Oct-05 17:03
MemberMember 236383815-Oct-05 17:03 
AnswerRe: Chinese antique furniture Pin
Colin Angus Mackay16-Oct-05 0:10
MemberColin Angus Mackay16-Oct-05 0:10 
AnswerRe: Chinese antique furniture Pin
Christian Graus16-Oct-05 12:57
mveChristian Graus16-Oct-05 12:57 
QuestionApply UNIQUE using Visual Studio.Net Pin
Aayush Puri15-Oct-05 5:05
MemberAayush Puri15-Oct-05 5:05 
Questionchecking database Pin
abhinish15-Oct-05 1:11
Memberabhinish15-Oct-05 1:11 
AnswerRe: checking database Pin
Colin Angus Mackay15-Oct-05 2:07
MemberColin Angus Mackay15-Oct-05 2:07 
GeneralRe: checking database Pin
abhinish16-Oct-05 0:01
Memberabhinish16-Oct-05 0:01 
Questionado vc++ - datetime string or numbers to variant Pin
compoundeye14-Oct-05 20:55
Membercompoundeye14-Oct-05 20:55 
Questioncomplex query Pin
Joshua Lunsford14-Oct-05 12:02
MemberJoshua Lunsford14-Oct-05 12:02 
AnswerRe: complex query Pin
Colin Angus Mackay14-Oct-05 13:14
MemberColin Angus Mackay14-Oct-05 13:14 
GeneralRe: complex query Pin
Joshua Lunsford17-Oct-05 11:49
MemberJoshua Lunsford17-Oct-05 11:49 
AnswerRe: complex query Pin
miah alom17-Oct-05 4:46
Membermiah alom17-Oct-05 4:46 
QuestionADO.NET Update / delete without primary keys Pin
Jasonc22114-Oct-05 11:10
MemberJasonc22114-Oct-05 11:10 
AnswerRe: ADO.NET Update / delete without primary keys Pin
miah alom17-Oct-05 5:52
Membermiah alom17-Oct-05 5:52 
GeneralRe: ADO.NET Update / delete without primary keys Pin
Jasonc22117-Oct-05 7:33
MemberJasonc22117-Oct-05 7:33 
GeneralRe: ADO.NET Update / delete without primary keys Pin
miah alom17-Oct-05 8:35
Membermiah alom17-Oct-05 8:35 
GeneralRe: ADO.NET Update / delete without primary keys Pin
Jasonc22118-Oct-05 9:22
MemberJasonc22118-Oct-05 9:22 

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