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AnswerRe: Urgent Help:Removing all EventHandlers Pin
S. Senthil Kumar14-Oct-05 20:14
MemberS. Senthil Kumar14-Oct-05 20:14 
GeneralRe: Urgent Help:Removing all EventHandlers Pin
Shubhabrata Mohanty14-Oct-05 21:13
MemberShubhabrata Mohanty14-Oct-05 21:13 
QuestionA problem please help ??? Pin
snouto14-Oct-05 9:59
Membersnouto14-Oct-05 9:59 
AnswerRe: A problem please help ??? Pin
Guffa14-Oct-05 11:59
MemberGuffa14-Oct-05 11:59 
QuestionInvalidCast Exception in Typed Dataset Pin
sameerhanda14-Oct-05 8:09
Membersameerhanda14-Oct-05 8:09 
AnswerRe: InvalidCast Exception in Typed Dataset Pin
snouto14-Oct-05 10:04
Membersnouto14-Oct-05 10:04 
GeneralRe: InvalidCast Exception in Typed Dataset Pin
sameerhanda14-Oct-05 10:10
Membersameerhanda14-Oct-05 10:10 
QuestionReposition a Control on Scroll Pin
miah alom14-Oct-05 8:02
Membermiah alom14-Oct-05 8:02 

I have a ListView which has a small ellipsis button that I place dynamically.
The problem is I am not able to reposition the button when I scroll the Listview horizontally.

Any suggesstion is valuable to me.

Alomgir Miah
Live Life King Size

-- modified at 14:02 Friday 14th October, 2005
QuestionBusiness layer, Data Layer and entities Pin
tsramkumar14-Oct-05 6:46
Membertsramkumar14-Oct-05 6:46 
QuestionUse function of VB.NET in C# Pin
rockxuyenmandem14-Oct-05 6:36
Memberrockxuyenmandem14-Oct-05 6:36 
AnswerRe: Use function of VB.NET in C# Pin
Russell Jones14-Oct-05 6:50
MemberRussell Jones14-Oct-05 6:50 
GeneralRe: Use function of VB.NET in C# Pin
miah alom14-Oct-05 7:58
Membermiah alom14-Oct-05 7:58 
GeneralRe: Use function of VB.NET in C# Pin
mav.northwind14-Oct-05 8:51
Membermav.northwind14-Oct-05 8:51 
QuestionMSMQ Trigger Parameters Pin
Russell Jones14-Oct-05 6:18
MemberRussell Jones14-Oct-05 6:18 
QuestionInternet Explorer Extension (COM) Pin
Milos Stojanovic14-Oct-05 5:44
MemberMilos Stojanovic14-Oct-05 5:44 
QuestionScroll Panel control when mouse is dragged near the edge Pin
Gulfraz Khan14-Oct-05 4:28
MemberGulfraz Khan14-Oct-05 4:28 
AnswerRe: Scroll Panel control when mouse is dragged near the edge Pin
Dan Neely14-Oct-05 5:12
MemberDan Neely14-Oct-05 5:12 
QuestionFileSystemWatcher problem Pin
Dan Neely14-Oct-05 3:39
MemberDan Neely14-Oct-05 3:39 
AnswerRe: FileSystemWatcher problem Pin
Dave Kreskowiak14-Oct-05 4:39
mveDave Kreskowiak14-Oct-05 4:39 
GeneralRe: FileSystemWatcher problem Pin
Dan Neely14-Oct-05 5:06
MemberDan Neely14-Oct-05 5:06 
Greeky14-Oct-05 0:32
MemberGreeky14-Oct-05 0:32 
Stefan Troschuetz14-Oct-05 1:53
MemberStefan Troschuetz14-Oct-05 1:53 
albCode14-Oct-05 21:00
MemberalbCode14-Oct-05 21:00 
QuestionIs it possible to tell when the OS starts and stops a screensaver, from inside a C# service which is running under the SYSTEM account? Pin
DUKEMAN13-Oct-05 23:40
MemberDUKEMAN13-Oct-05 23:40 
QuestionI there any control to dispaly the incomming video from a video capturing device. Pin
sukanyavarma13-Oct-05 22:37
Membersukanyavarma13-Oct-05 22:37 

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