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QuestionBase Class problem with forms Pin
Russell Jones6-Sep-05 1:34
MemberRussell Jones6-Sep-05 1:34 
AnswerRe: Base Class problem with forms Pin
S. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:00
MemberS. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:00 
GeneralRe: Base Class problem with forms Pin
Russell Jones6-Sep-05 3:33
MemberRussell Jones6-Sep-05 3:33 
QuestionThreading and Forms Pin
Dani Duran Kenobi6-Sep-05 1:33
MemberDani Duran Kenobi6-Sep-05 1:33 
AnswerRe: Threading and Forms Pin
S. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:04
MemberS. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:04 
QuestionControl Problems? Pin
Simon Wren6-Sep-05 0:36
professionalSimon Wren6-Sep-05 0:36 
AnswerRe: Control Problems? Pin
S. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:12
MemberS. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:12 
GeneralRe: Control Problems? Pin
Simon Wren6-Sep-05 3:14
professionalSimon Wren6-Sep-05 3:14 
Yeah its added as a binary reference.

Right i'll get the guys to try your suggestion out, i see what your saying, and thats worth a try.

It does seem to be more when you look at the designer of a form containing the controls, though.


Questioncan i access my lan pc from out side lan using remoting Pin
Mayank Chauhan6-Sep-05 0:33
MemberMayank Chauhan6-Sep-05 0:33 
Greeky6-Sep-05 0:30
MemberGreeky6-Sep-05 0:30 
miah alom6-Sep-05 4:05
Membermiah alom6-Sep-05 4:05 
QuestionIntPtr usage! Pin
Duong Tien Nam6-Sep-05 0:19
MemberDuong Tien Nam6-Sep-05 0:19 
AnswerRe: IntPtr usage! Pin
S. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:17
MemberS. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:17 
AnswerRe: IntPtr usage! Pin
Daniel Turini6-Sep-05 5:06
MemberDaniel Turini6-Sep-05 5:06 
QuestionCreate new controls in RunTime Pin
liqnit5-Sep-05 23:56
Memberliqnit5-Sep-05 23:56 
AnswerRe: Create new controls in RunTime Pin
Stefan Troschuetz6-Sep-05 1:32
MemberStefan Troschuetz6-Sep-05 1:32 
GeneralRe: Create new controls in RunTime Pin
liqnit6-Sep-05 4:15
Memberliqnit6-Sep-05 4:15 
QuestionAdd user control Pin
reza toorani5-Sep-05 23:47
Memberreza toorani5-Sep-05 23:47 
QuestionMultithreading in c# windows application Pin
dhol5-Sep-05 22:58
Memberdhol5-Sep-05 22:58 
AnswerRe: Multithreading in c# windows application Pin
CoolAmir5-Sep-05 23:31
MemberCoolAmir5-Sep-05 23:31 
QuestionDrawing Lines Pin
suresh sahu5-Sep-05 22:53
Membersuresh sahu5-Sep-05 22:53 
QuestionRe: Drawing Lines Pin
leppie6-Sep-05 4:43
Memberleppie6-Sep-05 4:43 
QuestionDLL Pin
kamlapuri5-Sep-05 22:45
Memberkamlapuri5-Sep-05 22:45 
AnswerRe: DLL Pin
S. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:19
MemberS. Senthil Kumar6-Sep-05 3:19 
QuestionDynamic Page Input Pin
Expert Coming5-Sep-05 22:37
MemberExpert Coming5-Sep-05 22:37 

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