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Hi my Names are JIMMYCLIFF Abor,am from Mombasa Kenya.Am currentyl 23 yrs.I'm a web-designer and web-developer.
Am experienced web specialist on his journey to become a master in the craft. With a glowing passion for web,technology and an urge to create things.i believe in team work for success . I collaborate with colleagues and clients, and will voluntarily help and teach whenever needed. I've very good analytic skills, high skill to find realistic online/application - options such as re engineering web components to be much more user-friendly and customized, design and implement applications for a really high traffic and large scale websites.
Am experienced in PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Jquery,Search Engine Optimization and SEM and it occurs that I am also a fast learner who wants to study and learn more about technology, particularly when its related to internet anything general, and I believes that the better programmer is the one that can develop his own skills faster with a better QUALITY



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