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changc61 - Professional Profile



Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon 2013 demo video: (8-Sept-2013)

Gesture Camera Apps
(Microsoft Kinect, Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, Leap Motion)

Wearable Camera Apps

Mobile Apps (with Adobe Phonegap / Apache Cordova: iOS, Android,
Google TV, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10/playbook, Tizen)
HTML5 Web App (Firefox OS)

Google App Engine (Python)
Google App Script (Javascript)
Heroku, Windows Azure (node.js)
Firebase, Parse

Neurosky brainwave sensor
Arduino, Electric Imp, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone

Previously Familiar With: C++, Matlab, CUDA, OpenCV, OpenMP, OpenGL, OpenFrameworks
Ancient Experience: Basic, Pascal, Hypertalk, Forth, Smalltalk, Fortran, template metaprogramming
author of AP2222PC (1994)

Startup Weekend Bay Area:
Mobile 20~22 JAN 2012
San Jose 27~29 JAN 2012
Education 24~26 FEB 2012
MEGA 13~15 APR 2012
SOLOMO 26~28 JUL 2012
Google 21~23 SEP 2012
SF 3~4 MAR 2012
Palo Alto 23~24 JUN 2012
San Jose 1~2 DEC 2012
San Jose 15~16 JUN 2013
Upverter + YC Hardware Hackathon
23 FEB 2013
Open Compute Project Hardware Hackathon
18 JUN 2013
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon
4~5 MAY 2012
25~26 JAN 2013
YC Startup School 20 OCT 2012
Startup Conference 2 MAY 2012
Startup Conference 30 MAY 2013
DEMO Spring 17~19 APR 2012
DEMO Fall 1~3 OCT 2012
DEMO Mobile 17 APR 2013
Startup Grind 5~6 FEB 2013
SIPA 12 NOV 2011
Silicon Valley Open Doors 10~11 JUN 2013

FlurrySource13 17 JAN 2013
Techonomy Lab 16 MAY 2013
SVForum Conference: Game Changing Technology 9 MAY 2013
Hadoop Summit 26~27 JUN 2013
GraphLab Workshop 1 JUL 2013

HTML5 DevConf 21 MAY 2012
HTML5 DevConf 15~16 OCT 2012
HTML5 DevConf 1~2 APR 2013
OpenWebCamp 14 JUL 2012
SVCodeCamp 6~7 OCT 2012



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