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Developed Visual Basic applications for the past 9 years with versions from VB 3.0 to VB.NET.

Just currently started teaching myself C# in January 2004.

Currently consulting with a paper company in northern Wisconsin - brrrrr.

I enjoy writing applications and am currently involved with creating a mobile entertainment system for automobiles.


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GeneralRedesign - Redesign Pin
Wackatronic15-Jun-04 11:29
MemberWackatronic15-Jun-04 11:29 
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Wackatronic11-Jun-04 5:24
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Wackatronic10-Jun-04 5:41
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David Cunningham10-Jun-04 6:55
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Wackatronic10-Jun-04 8:59
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GeneralEmbarassed! Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 4:37
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GeneralWow! What an idiot! Pin
Wackatronic4-Jun-04 2:36
MemberWackatronic4-Jun-04 2:36 
Sorry to all who might have visited my blog. I just realized I have not described what the system is for and how I envision it. I must have been drunk when I've been posting.

Well here goes nothing:

My background:
I have programmed in VB since version 3.0 came out. I went to DeVry, where all they taught was mainframe programming (except for 1 C class), where I taught myself how the program in Windows. I never had the chance nor the time to teach myself C++, so I worked as both contarct and full time jobs since 1994. This last year I finally decided to make the time to learn .NET (I mean the frame work, because I started trying C# and realized that it's all syntax and .NET frameowrk is where the power is) using C#. Since that time, I have been learning totally new concepts like "true" inhieritence and multi-threading (which if you read the whole blog, you realize how hard it was for me initially). Well enough about me and on to the project concept

The project:
I have been interested for several years in making a truely unique mobile automotive system and finally used C# (I'm a 10 (yes ten) year veteran (and yes it was a war) of VB programming.

The whole premise behind the project is to provide a truely diverse multimedia, visual extravaganza, feature rich mobile system. Wow! what a mouthful.

The system will be written to run on XP, using a custom designed computer system that will have multiple video cards (you'll understand later) and possibly multiple audion cards. It will be designed as a plugable architecture using a MSDE database to store information about the system and multimedia files.

Audio portion will support multiple audio formats (a suggestion by a friend of mine made me aware that while MP3s are very popular, most true audio buffs like the full range of sound offered by .WAV) that will include .MP3, .WAV, .CDA, .MID and several other formats. It will be able to burn the formats when a "new" (not in the databse) CD is inserted and place these files into standard directories that is pointed to by the database. The audio portion will be designed to accept DirectX designed DSP addins.

Video portion will support multiple video formats. It will NOT burn DVD into .VOB files. However, with the developer SDK (that will be designed), anyone who writes a plugin can distribute a "free" addin that could encompass this. The formats supported will be .AVI, .MPEG and several other formats (TBD). DISCLAIMER: I do not condone burning or ripping DVDs (even those you own)!

Server portion will be able to direct the UI to a specific monitor (See, I told you I'd explain why multiple video cards). This will give each installed monitor (if touchscreen) to be able to control the client accessing the server. The server will handle sending audio/video streams to the appropriate client(s). This will allow multi-casting with multiple clients sharing the same stream.

Client portion will connect and talk to the server via TCP/IP sockets and will be pushed to multiple displays. The main display will control the system. If any of the other displays connected to the system are touch screens, then they can be configured to control their own display.

Additional plugins being considered are:
Voice Command (for the main display (ie driver's))<br>
GPS Navigation<br>
XM Radio<br>
Access the other Windows applications<br>
Internet (wireless access)

I realize this is very abstract but I really don't want to give away my idea (dream) of being able to produce my first commercial software.

Eric C. Tomlinson

P.S. If you are interested, contact me for more information and I'll handle it on a case by case basis. Maybe even hand out the source as long as people do not claim or use it as their own.

Yes, I program in VB, but only to feed my addiction to a warm place to sleep and food to eat!

Visit my Code Project blog (Mobile Audio project)[^]
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Lars [Large] Werner6-Jun-04 1:57
professionalLars [Large] Werner6-Jun-04 1:57 
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 4:26
MemberWackatronic7-Jun-04 4:26 
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Lars [Large] Werner7-Jun-04 5:07
professionalLars [Large] Werner7-Jun-04 5:07 
GeneralStill Working On Threading Pin
Wackatronic4-Jun-04 1:50
MemberWackatronic4-Jun-04 1:50 
GeneralNot Threading Pin
Wackatronic1-Jun-04 10:21
MemberWackatronic1-Jun-04 10:21 
GeneralWow! To Thread or Not To Thread Pin
Wackatronic31-May-04 13:59
MemberWackatronic31-May-04 13:59 
GeneralThreading and Client Server Technologies Pin
Wackatronic30-May-04 11:04
MemberWackatronic30-May-04 11:04 
GeneralFile System Pin
Wackatronic20-May-04 15:24
MemberWackatronic20-May-04 15:24 
GeneralFirst Blog Post Pin
Wackatronic18-May-04 15:52
MemberWackatronic18-May-04 15:52 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
jodoveepn7-Jun-04 7:47
Memberjodoveepn7-Jun-04 7:47 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 9:47
MemberWackatronic7-Jun-04 9:47 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
jodoveepn8-Jun-04 10:02
Memberjodoveepn8-Jun-04 10:02 

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