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Developed Visual Basic applications for the past 9 years with versions from VB 3.0 to VB.NET.

Just currently started teaching myself C# in January 2004.

Currently consulting with a paper company in northern Wisconsin - brrrrr.

I enjoy writing applications and am currently involved with creating a mobile entertainment system for automobiles.


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GeneralRedesign - Redesign Pin
Wackatronic15-Jun-04 11:29
MemberWackatronic15-Jun-04 11:29 
GeneralRested Pin
Wackatronic11-Jun-04 5:24
MemberWackatronic11-Jun-04 5:24 
GeneralImpressed Pin
Wackatronic10-Jun-04 5:41
MemberWackatronic10-Jun-04 5:41 
GeneralRe: Impressed Pin
David Cunningham10-Jun-04 6:55
cofounderDavid Cunningham10-Jun-04 6:55 
GeneralRe: Impressed Pin
Wackatronic10-Jun-04 8:59
MemberWackatronic10-Jun-04 8:59 
GeneralEmbarassed! Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 4:37
MemberWackatronic7-Jun-04 4:37 
GeneralWow! What an idiot! Pin
Wackatronic4-Jun-04 2:36
MemberWackatronic4-Jun-04 2:36 
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Lars [Large] Werner6-Jun-04 1:57
professionalLars [Large] Werner6-Jun-04 1:57 
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 4:26
MemberWackatronic7-Jun-04 4:26 
GeneralRe: Audioguru? :) Pin
Lars [Large] Werner7-Jun-04 5:07
professionalLars [Large] Werner7-Jun-04 5:07 
GeneralStill Working On Threading Pin
Wackatronic4-Jun-04 1:50
MemberWackatronic4-Jun-04 1:50 
GeneralNot Threading Pin
Wackatronic1-Jun-04 10:21
MemberWackatronic1-Jun-04 10:21 
GeneralWow! To Thread or Not To Thread Pin
Wackatronic31-May-04 13:59
MemberWackatronic31-May-04 13:59 
GeneralThreading and Client Server Technologies Pin
Wackatronic30-May-04 11:04
MemberWackatronic30-May-04 11:04 
Since I wanted the system to provide a monitor (capable of being able to be touchscreen) and still provide a streaming type of media (shared between monitors), I have decided to investigate the possibility of creating a server component that would have seperate displays (apps) connecting via TCP/IP and the server being where the media is run and controlled. The only problem is that I have no experience with threading TCP/IP sockets in C# and this is turning out to be a chore. There's plenty of examples but most don't work. Frown | :(

But by combining several examples that have sections that I feel would help, I've created a basic server that accepts clients and converses on a very basic level. Since I was able to get the basics working well, I figgured that I could keep building on it and addind functionality as I continue along.

Eric C. Tomlinson

I won't dignify your question with an answer.

Yes, I program in VB6, but only because I'm addicted to eating!
GeneralFile System Pin
Wackatronic20-May-04 15:24
MemberWackatronic20-May-04 15:24 
GeneralFirst Blog Post Pin
Wackatronic18-May-04 15:52
MemberWackatronic18-May-04 15:52 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
jodoveepn7-Jun-04 7:47
Memberjodoveepn7-Jun-04 7:47 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
Wackatronic7-Jun-04 9:47
MemberWackatronic7-Jun-04 9:47 
GeneralRe: First Blog Post Pin
jodoveepn8-Jun-04 10:02
Memberjodoveepn8-Jun-04 10:02 

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