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NunoGodinho - Professional Profile


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Who Am I?
Independent Consultant responsible for helping customers to identify, plan, manage and develop software products and solutions.
- Blogs
- (Portuguese and English)
- (English and only about Web Development)
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- Twitter: NunoGodinho
- LinkedIn:
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Currently focusing more on technologies like:
- Windows Azure
- Silverlight
- Windows Phone 7
- Server Side Technologies (EF, WCF, WCF RIA Services, ODATA)

Areas of Expertise:
- Solutions Architecture
- Cloud Computing
- Development (.NET Framework related technologies, Silverlight, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7)
Awards, Certifications and Other:
- Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET since 2008
- Certified Scrum Master
- Certified in Microsoft .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0
- INETA International Speaker
- INETA Country Leader for Portugal
- PontoNetPt Community Leader
- XAMLPt Community Leader

My goals in the Community:
- Help developers, decision makers and customers to take the best out of technologies as they think about their business, and I about making IT do what they need.
Speaking Engagements:
- I've been speaker at some major development events for Microsoft Portugal such as MSDN, TechDays and DevDays, covering subjects like ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Live Platform, Visual Studio and Windows Azure Service Platform, .NET Framework, as well as in International events like TechDays Worldwide Online and TechEd EMEA, being also Metro Instructor in topics like Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Windows Azure, Silverlight 4.


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