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Hi, I have been a Senior programmer at my current company for 5 years, been coding for close to 10 years now, and still loving every minute of it. You can see some of my work on my blog

My languages include C, C++, Java and a generous dose of HTML.
Check out my latest project at web design cape town


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Pinnedweb design dreams, now a reality Pin
Shaheed Legion18-Feb-13 11:34
MemberShaheed Legion18-Feb-13 11:34 
PinnedHi developers Pin
Shaheed Legion8-Jan-13 10:10
MemberShaheed Legion8-Jan-13 10:10 
GeneralSEO techniques to avoid Pin
Shaheed Legion26-Feb-13 4:35
MemberShaheed Legion26-Feb-13 4:35 
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GeneralNew StackOverflow careers invitation! Pin
Shaheed Legion18-Jan-13 9:19
MemberShaheed Legion18-Jan-13 9:19 

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