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Ian is a life-long computer programmer who, immediately after earning his B.S. in C.S., was snatched up by a certain Wall Street firm that would explode spectacularly a mere five years later. After fourteen years working for hedge funds, he finally escaped to a certain global tech company that shall remain nameless...

On an unrelated note, he's also a published Sci-Fi/Fantasy author.


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GeneralBack Room Quotables (Part 3) [modified] Pin
Ian Shlasko8-Nov-10 4:02
MemberIan Shlasko8-Nov-10 4:02 
GeneralBack Room Quotables (Part 2) [modified] Pin
Ian Shlasko2-Jun-10 10:19
MemberIan Shlasko2-Jun-10 10:19 
GeneralBack Room Quotables [modified] PinPopular
Ian Shlasko30-Nov-09 10:06
MemberIan Shlasko30-Nov-09 10:06 
I've been hanging out in the Back Room lately, amusing myself by trying to pound logic and common sense into the conspiracy crowd. Ok, so it's not much of a crowd... There's one that fits that mold perfectly, and one that I think just has some misguided viewpoints but at least understands the issues.

Anyway, I need somewhere to store these little gems... I'll add to this post as more pop up...

"Disagreeing with me is like disagreeing with everything that is good and right."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2009-11-30 [^]
(Supposedly, it originally said " disagreeing with God", but he quickly edited it - He denies this, but it sounds like something he'd write)

"You are a fallacy. You are incapable of thought."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2009-11-30 [^]
(This is like the adult equivalent of "Your mom!")

"I can flex the front part of my brain instantly anytime I want. It can be exhausting and it even causes me vision problems for some reason."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2009-06-08 [^]
(With the right electrodes, this might be possible)

"Anyone who wants to disarm the public, is a racist, plain and simple."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-01-19 [^]
(Yes, and anyone who eats pie is a Nazi, and anyone who plays tennis is a drug dealer)

"Ian, the CIA runs the drug trade, child kidnapping trade, starts wars, created & runs al'quada, ignites revolutions within countries, assassinates presidents and leaders home and abroad, tortures people, the list goes on and on. The CIA is the punching arm of the federal reserve."

-- CaptainSeeSharp, 2010-01-23 [^]
(There are two spellings for Al Qaeda in our alphabet, and still managed to get it wrong. I should comment on the amazing amount of idiocy, but there's just nothing more to say)

"I'm sorry, I've known [CaptainSeeSharp] a lot longer than you and all he's taught me, is to stay off drugs."

-- Christian Graus (to josda1000), 2010-02-22 [^]

Proud to have finally moved to the A-Ark. Which one are you in?

Author of the Guardians Saga (Sci-Fi/Fantasy series)

modified on Thursday, December 3, 2009 10:58 AM
modified on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 4:19 PM

GeneralRe: Back Room Quotables Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian20-Oct-10 5:25
professionalRajesh R Subramanian20-Oct-10 5:25 

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