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.NET (Core and Framework)

GeneralRe: Interesting Application? Pin
mathon5-Sep-04 5:49
Membermathon5-Sep-04 5:49 
GeneralRe: Interesting Application? Pin
Colin Angus Mackay5-Sep-04 13:06
MemberColin Angus Mackay5-Sep-04 13:06 
GeneralTraining Cards Pin
adonisv3-Sep-04 15:38
Memberadonisv3-Sep-04 15:38 
GeneralDirectX SDK for C# Pin
hxxbin3-Sep-04 8:49
Memberhxxbin3-Sep-04 8:49 
GeneralRe: DirectX SDK for C# Pin
Antti Keskinen6-Sep-04 11:10
MemberAntti Keskinen6-Sep-04 11:10 
GeneralRe: DirectX SDK for C# Pin
Hadi Fakhreddine8-Sep-04 20:48
MemberHadi Fakhreddine8-Sep-04 20:48 
Questioncan not return com from c# Pin
umedkurd3-Sep-04 2:13
Memberumedkurd3-Sep-04 2:13 
GeneralProgramatically determining IP addresses Pin
Olof Forshell2-Sep-04 12:19
MemberOlof Forshell2-Sep-04 12:19 
GeneralRe: Programatically determining IP addresses Pin
Anonymous2-Sep-04 21:41
MemberAnonymous2-Sep-04 21:41 
GeneralVC++6.0->VC++.NET Pin
jetournier2-Sep-04 3:15
Memberjetournier2-Sep-04 3:15 
GeneralRe: VC++6.0->VC++.NET Pin
jetournier2-Sep-04 3:17
Memberjetournier2-Sep-04 3:17 
GeneralRe: VC++6.0->VC++.NET Pin
Antti Keskinen6-Sep-04 11:24
MemberAntti Keskinen6-Sep-04 11:24 
GeneralMultiple versions Pin
hatim_ali1-Sep-04 21:40
Memberhatim_ali1-Sep-04 21:40 
GeneralPixelFormat of the Screen ( Desktop ) Pin
Michael Menne1-Sep-04 10:32
MemberMichael Menne1-Sep-04 10:32 
Generalprogram terminates unexpectedly, with no message Pin
Anonymous31-Aug-04 23:49
MemberAnonymous31-Aug-04 23:49 
GeneralRe: program terminates unexpectedly, with no message Pin
mav.northwind1-Sep-04 6:10
Membermav.northwind1-Sep-04 6:10 
QuestionHow To Save a Crystal Report- SaveAs() Pin
Ranoush31-Aug-04 22:00
MemberRanoush31-Aug-04 22:00 
AnswerRe: How To Save a Crystal Report- SaveAs() Pin
Steven Campbell1-Sep-04 8:15
MemberSteven Campbell1-Sep-04 8:15 
GeneralCreate XML Document Pin
Pokemon_G31-Aug-04 19:53
MemberPokemon_G31-Aug-04 19:53 
GeneralRe: Create XML Document Pin
Steven Campbell1-Sep-04 8:16
MemberSteven Campbell1-Sep-04 8:16 
GeneralRe: Create XML Document Pin
DavidNohejl29-Sep-04 12:15
MemberDavidNohejl29-Sep-04 12:15 
QuestionPull data from external file? Pin
Glisson30-Aug-04 12:22
MemberGlisson30-Aug-04 12:22 
GeneralGDI+ question: image jitter when resizing Pin
DivideByNought30-Aug-04 10:29
MemberDivideByNought30-Aug-04 10:29 
GeneralRe: GDI+ question: image jitter when resizing Pin
DivideByNought1-Sep-04 7:59
MemberDivideByNought1-Sep-04 7:59 
GeneralDLL dependency Pin
goldoche30-Aug-04 8:37
Membergoldoche30-Aug-04 8:37 

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