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GeneralRe: Strangest bug I think I've seen Pin
Anonymous15-Sep-04 6:49
MemberAnonymous15-Sep-04 6:49 
GeneralApplication Protection Pin
Member 132035214-Sep-04 22:18
MemberMember 132035214-Sep-04 22:18 
GeneralActiveX problem Pin
archetype14-Sep-04 1:36
Memberarchetype14-Sep-04 1:36 
Generalcharts in visual c++ Pin
dana_krycek14-Sep-04 1:35
Memberdana_krycek14-Sep-04 1:35 
GeneralRe: charts in visual c++ Pin
ursus zeta15-Sep-04 13:51
Memberursus zeta15-Sep-04 13:51 
GeneralRe: charts in visual c++ Pin
dana_krycek16-Sep-04 8:24
Memberdana_krycek16-Sep-04 8:24 
GeneralSorry for not Replying Pin
ursus zeta22-Sep-04 11:51
Memberursus zeta22-Sep-04 11:51 
Generalhelp in list view control Pin
bora3ee13-Sep-04 9:51
Memberbora3ee13-Sep-04 9:51 
GeneralRe: help in list view control Pin
Tomas Petricek15-Sep-04 14:29
MemberTomas Petricek15-Sep-04 14:29 
Hi, there isn't any simplier method, than store name of selected item in local variable, refresh listview and find item with same name as you have in local variable.

Something like this:

string name="";
if (view.SelectedItems.Length!=0)

// refresh listview

for(int i=0; i<view.Items.Length; i++)
  if (view.Items[i].Text==name) 
  { view.SelectedIndices[i]=true; break; }

Smile | :)

Tomáš Petříček (Microsoft C# MVP) | Photos | Fractal Snow

Generalhelp in process class Pin
bora3ee13-Sep-04 9:49
Memberbora3ee13-Sep-04 9:49 
QuestionIs there a way to use a DataTable in COM ? Pin
DavPen13-Sep-04 8:27
MemberDavPen13-Sep-04 8:27 
GeneralImage filter for black and white images in GDI+ Pin
BLBANET13-Sep-04 4:07
MemberBLBANET13-Sep-04 4:07 
GeneralRe: Image filter for black and white images in GDI+ Pin
Anonymous15-Sep-04 7:25
MemberAnonymous15-Sep-04 7:25 
GeneralMultithreaded Design Question Pin
tulip1234512-Sep-04 0:01
Membertulip1234512-Sep-04 0:01 
QuestionHow to catch mouse click message? Pin
Volvere10-Sep-04 14:02
MemberVolvere10-Sep-04 14:02 
AnswerRe: How to catch mouse click message? Pin
Tomas Petricek11-Sep-04 14:34
MemberTomas Petricek11-Sep-04 14:34 
GeneralCustomizing the .Net framework Launch Condition Message Pin
kornstyle10-Sep-04 6:20
Memberkornstyle10-Sep-04 6:20 
GeneralRe: Customizing the .Net framework Launch Condition Message Pin
kornstyle15-Sep-04 3:45
Memberkornstyle15-Sep-04 3:45 
QuestionCheck Process Running? Pin
tsunsau7179-Sep-04 23:01
Membertsunsau7179-Sep-04 23:01 
AnswerRe: Check Process Running? Pin
Baris Kurtlutepe11-Sep-04 8:42
MemberBaris Kurtlutepe11-Sep-04 8:42 
QuestionHow to know I am on a frame(GroupBox) Pin
Sreepathi9-Sep-04 15:54
MemberSreepathi9-Sep-04 15:54 
AnswerRe: How to know I am on a frame(GroupBox) Pin
Anonymous12-Sep-04 12:02
MemberAnonymous12-Sep-04 12:02 
GeneralRe: How to know I am on a frame(GroupBox) Pin
Anonymous27-Sep-04 10:49
MemberAnonymous27-Sep-04 10:49 
GeneralReplication Pin
mathon9-Sep-04 4:15
Membermathon9-Sep-04 4:15 
GeneralMultiple References Pin
Ben Swann7-Sep-04 21:57
MemberBen Swann7-Sep-04 21:57 

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