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GeneralRe: Convert int to byte [] and vice versa Pin
Nnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 2:29
MemberNnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 2:29 
GeneralRe: Convert int to byte [] and vice versa Pin
Nnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 13:23
MemberNnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 13:23 
GeneralRe: Convert int to byte [] and vice versa Pin
Vadim Tabakman30-Sep-04 13:26
MemberVadim Tabakman30-Sep-04 13:26 
GeneralRe: Progress Bar that moves Pin
kayhustle29-Sep-04 10:42
Memberkayhustle29-Sep-04 10:42 
GeneralRe: Progress Bar that moves Pin
sampoo29-Sep-04 10:53
Membersampoo29-Sep-04 10:53 
GeneralFileNotFoundException for dll reference in project Pin
kayhustle29-Sep-04 6:00
Memberkayhustle29-Sep-04 6:00 
GeneralRe: FileNotFoundException for dll reference in project Pin
Nnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 2:31
MemberNnamdi Onyeyiri30-Sep-04 2:31 
GeneralMultiple executables based on compilation flag Pin
marsusf29-Sep-04 5:07
Membermarsusf29-Sep-04 5:07 
Generalassign socket permission to ntd winform Pin
zhebincong28-Sep-04 21:55
Memberzhebincong28-Sep-04 21:55 
QuestionAVI library? Pin
erossetto28-Sep-04 13:51
Membererossetto28-Sep-04 13:51 
AnswerRe: AVI library? Pin
Tomas Petricek29-Sep-04 11:53
MemberTomas Petricek29-Sep-04 11:53 
GeneralRe: AVI library? Pin
erossetto2-Oct-04 18:43
Membererossetto2-Oct-04 18:43 
GeneralOutlook style datagrid Pin
cocotech28-Sep-04 9:40
Membercocotech28-Sep-04 9:40 
GeneralRe: Outlook style datagrid Pin
Al Gardner11-Oct-04 11:58
MemberAl Gardner11-Oct-04 11:58 
GeneralIL Runtime Conformance Testing Pin
Joel_Rivendell28-Sep-04 0:33
MemberJoel_Rivendell28-Sep-04 0:33 
GeneralRe: IL Runtime Conformance Testing Pin
leppie28-Sep-04 0:50
Memberleppie28-Sep-04 0:50 
GeneralDataGrid refresh issue Pin
shvartsy27-Sep-04 21:43
Membershvartsy27-Sep-04 21:43 
GeneralButton Control stoped working after installation of ASP.NET Framework 1.1 SP 1 Pin
Member 20320427-Sep-04 21:28
MemberMember 20320427-Sep-04 21:28 
Questionis it timeout? Pin
zhebincong27-Sep-04 15:41
Memberzhebincong27-Sep-04 15:41 
AnswerRe: is it timeout? Pin
zhebincong28-Sep-04 19:29
Memberzhebincong28-Sep-04 19:29 
GeneralField updation in word document Pin
Anonymous27-Sep-04 11:01
MemberAnonymous27-Sep-04 11:01 
GeneralTCP/IP Connection (over GPRS) - XDA and Desktop Pin
Viv K27-Sep-04 9:02
MemberViv K27-Sep-04 9:02 
GeneralWeekdays in the a custom language. Pin
Mattias Olgerfelt27-Sep-04 6:10
MemberMattias Olgerfelt27-Sep-04 6:10 
Generaldebugging VSIP package Pin
conman11027-Sep-04 2:55
Memberconman11027-Sep-04 2:55 
GeneralIs this a bug in .NET Framework Pin
Volvere27-Sep-04 2:48
MemberVolvere27-Sep-04 2:48 

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