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The Weird and The Wonderful forum is a place to post Coding Horrors, Worst Practices, and the occasional flash of brilliance.

We all come across code that simply boggles the mind. Lazy kludges, embarrassing mistakes, horrid workarounds and developers just not quite getting it. And then somedays we come across - or write - the truly sublime.

Post your Best, your worst, and your most interesting. But please - no programming questions . This forum is purely for amusement and discussions on code snippets. All actual programming questions will be removed.

GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
Power Puff Boy15-Oct-15 1:22
MemberPower Puff Boy15-Oct-15 1:22 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
C3D129-Oct-15 22:21
professionalC3D129-Oct-15 22:21 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
CDP180213-Oct-15 5:21
MemberCDP180213-Oct-15 5:21 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
k505413-Oct-15 7:47
mvek505413-Oct-15 7:47 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
PIEBALDconsult16-Oct-15 8:58
professionalPIEBALDconsult16-Oct-15 8:58 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
Dan Neely16-Oct-15 9:55
MemberDan Neely16-Oct-15 9:55 
GeneralRe: C++ expression(s) Pin
C3D129-Oct-15 22:26
professionalC3D129-Oct-15 22:26 
JokeAmazon's rules, Amazon's fail Pin
Tibor Blazko8-Oct-15 9:11
MemberTibor Blazko8-Oct-15 9:11 
Thinking it's 21st century I registered with my name (Blažko, note so called soft z in the middle) and published something like an eBook.
Than I found that in some situations I see there my name as Blažko (what I reported them), even directly book's page is OK.

Later, after filling form (where is already no chance to change any name) I got this wonderful reply:
"Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your ad as your book's author name violates one of our ad guideline policies. i.e; the cover page has the name which is not correctly displayed/spelled."

ROTFL (There is no problem with cover page[^].)

(Actually they already "reached out to our technical team to investigate this issue. We'll contact you with more information by the end of the day on October 13, 2015.")
GeneralMan-in-the-middle SSL-Streams Pin
Dr Gadgit30-Sep-15 9:53
MemberDr Gadgit30-Sep-15 9:53 
GeneralIt's alive.....! Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones18-Sep-15 5:42
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones18-Sep-15 5:42 
GeneralRe: It's alive.....! Pin
Richard Deeming18-Sep-15 5:52
mveRichard Deeming18-Sep-15 5:52 
GeneralRe: It's alive.....! Pin
Palash Mondal_18-Sep-15 6:12
professionalPalash Mondal_18-Sep-15 6:12 
GeneralRe: It's alive.....! Pin
phil.o13-Oct-15 2:57
mvephil.o13-Oct-15 2:57 
GeneralRe: It's alive.....! Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones13-Oct-15 3:18
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones13-Oct-15 3:18 
GeneralRe: It's alive.....! Pin
phil.o15-Oct-15 1:01
mvephil.o15-Oct-15 1:01 
GeneralWTF Pin
Brisingr Aerowing15-Aug-15 12:46
professionalBrisingr Aerowing15-Aug-15 12:46 
GeneralRe: WTF Pin
Sander Rossel15-Aug-15 14:29
professionalSander Rossel15-Aug-15 14:29 
GeneralRe: WTF Pin
kmoorevs15-Aug-15 15:22
Memberkmoorevs15-Aug-15 15:22 
GeneralRe: WTF Pin
Amarnath S15-Aug-15 19:13
professionalAmarnath S15-Aug-15 19:13 
GeneralRe: WTF Pin
Weylyn Cadwell17-Aug-15 12:31
MemberWeylyn Cadwell17-Aug-15 12:31 
GeneralRe: WTF Pin
User 1013254618-Sep-15 6:38
MemberUser 1013254618-Sep-15 6:38 
GeneralIs this the worst code in the world? Pin
Sean McPoland12-Aug-15 21:12
MemberSean McPoland12-Aug-15 21:12 
GeneralRe: Is this the worst code in the world? Pin
ravikhoda13-Aug-15 1:07
professionalravikhoda13-Aug-15 1:07 
GeneralRe: Is this the worst code in the world? Pin
Tim Carmichael13-Aug-15 4:24
MemberTim Carmichael13-Aug-15 4:24 
GeneralRe: Is this the worst code in the world? Pin
Power Puff Boy13-Aug-15 4:28
MemberPower Puff Boy13-Aug-15 4:28 

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