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App Innovation 2013 Contest FAQ

Please see the Contest Official Rules to supplement the information provided in this FAQ. The rules can be found at the following link:

  1. Who is eligible to enter?
    The contest is open to any developer who is at least 18 years old and the age of majority residing in the following countries: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada (not including Quebec), Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China, Republic of South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, and 50 United States of America (and the District of Columbia).
  2. Why are some countries not on the list?
    We worked very hard to include as many countries as possible, however, the many variations of legal rules for contests makes it a challenge.
  3. In what language must I present my app idea and demo app?
    The phase 1 app idea must be submitted in the language natively used on the community developer site in which you entered the contest. The phase 2 demo app, though, may be submitted in either English or the language natively used on the community developer site at which you entered the contest. The developers with the top 30 demo apps from phase 2 will be asked to submit a demo video in English. Please see question #20 for details.
  4. What is a demo app?
    A demo app is a polished, nearly final version of your app that provides the user a quality experience. The portion of the app being demoed should have the experience of a final app, however the demo may not have all the features needed for a fully functional software title, hence a demo. Your demo app submission can be a completely finished app. A demo is merely the minimum threshold for entry.
  5. The contest calls for Windows “Desktop” apps not Windows “Store” apps. What’s the difference?
    While fans of the Windows Store, the demo apps we are seeking for the contest are those able to take advantage of the suite of Intel developer tools designed to help developers create cutting edge, touch-enabled apps. For a comprehensive comparison between Windows Desktop and Windows Store apps as well as a complete listing of the available Intel tools, please visit
  6. May I enter from more than one developer community site?
    No, each developer may enter the contest from only one site.
  7. May I work with a team?
    Yes, absolutely. We encourage both individual and teams to participate. For teams, one individual must register their name as the representative. In the event the team wins, the individual is responsible for distributing prize winnings to team members.
  8. May I enter on behalf of my company?
    Yes. Please check the box “I am submitting on behalf of my Company”, enter the company name, and your name as a representative. Prizes will be awarded to the company when this option is selected.
  9. Why do I need to submit an idea in phase 1? Why can’t I immediately submit a demo app?
    Intel is looking for apps that change the world for the people using them. As a first step in the contest, we’re searching for the most innovative Windows® 8 desktop app ideas. Submit a great idea for an app in one of the six categories and you could be selected as one of 500 finalists to receive a loaner device, either a Lenovo* Horizon 27” All-in-One (AIO) or Lenovo* ThinkPad Tablet 2. You’ll use these developer systems to develop, test and refine your app idea into a working demo app for a chance to win cash prizes and potentially career-changing opportunities.
  10. Do all six contest categories apply to the AIO and tablet devices?
    No. The contest has been divided into the six content categories in which we are looking for developers to reach new heights of user experiences. Two of these categories apply particularly well to the AIO and four to the tablet. For the AIO, the categories include entertainment and games. For the tablet, the categories include education, finance, healthcare, and retail.
  11. Is Intel looking for apps to be used by consumers or businesses?
    We are looking for both. Each of the contest categories lend themselves to creating highly innovative apps for consumers, small businesses, and enterprise solutions.
  12. May I submit a demo app if I’m not a finalist?
    Only developers whose app ideas have been selected as finalists in phase 1 will be able to submit a demo app to the contest during phase 2.
  13. How many app ideas may I submit?
    Developers may submit multiple app ideas to the contest but each app idea can only be submitted to one contest category.
  14. How many app ideas will be selected as finalists from phase 1?
    We will select the developers who submitted the top 125 app ideas from each of the four developer communities (for a total of 500 ideas) to continue from phase 1 to the demo app submission of phase 2. Please know that developers can have more than one app idea proposal selected to continue to phase 2.
  15. May I submit an existing app?
    Yes, submissions of highly polished in-market applications are welcome. We will need your app idea submission to explain how you will supplement or optimize the application for the best user experience on either the AIO or tablet.
  16. May I submit an app previously submitted to an Intel contest?
    Yes, you may submit apps previously submitted into an Intel contest. Your idea submission needs to explain how you plan to advance the app for this competition.
  17. May I use existing developer tools and engines?
    Yes, developers entering phase 2 of the contest, the demo app submission, may use programming aids (tools and engines required to write the code and interface with the creative assets) to enhance the look and feel of their submission.
  18. How are the app ideas judged?
    App ideas will be judged as they are submitted, all under the same set of judging criteria and point structure delineated in the contest rules. App ideas will be judged based on a number of attributes including how the idea demonstrates an innovative user experience, the technical enabling vectors to be implemented, the viability of the idea for use on the device and category, and the developer’s effectiveness in describing the app.
  19. How are the demo apps judged?
    Demo apps will be judged once phase 2 has ended based on a number of attributes including, but not limited to, the use of technical enabling vectors, quality of the experience, functionality, creativity and whether a compelling use case is demonstrated for the category and platform in which the demo app was submitted.
  20. On which technical enabling vectors should we focus?
    The technical enabling vectors of interest for the All-in-One include multi-user and multi-touch user interfaces, multi-modal interactions based on voice or camera captured body gestures, and multi-gadget experiences such as using smartphones as game controllers.

    The technical enabling vectors for the tablet include use of the accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, compass, GPS, touch and gestures, external stylus, and detachable form factor of the tablets.
  21. What is the final video demo phase of the contest?
    So that the judges can fairly evaluate the entries submitted from different parts of the world, the developers submitting the top five demo apps in each of the six contest categories will be required to submit a new five minute video. The new video should clearly present the features and innovative uses of the demo app.

    While the demo app need not be localized or translated, the final video must be presented in English via on-screen dialogue, voice-over or subtitles. Any developer not comfortable with creating a video of themselves or not fluent in English may appoint someone to present on their behalf or to help them write the subtitle text. The final video demo will be judged using the same criteria as in phase 2, and the points awarded for the final video demo will be added to the total developer phase 2 score in determining the contest winners.
  22. Does Intel take ownership of my idea or application?
    No. Ownership remains with the developer, however Intel reserves the right to demonstrate and promote the app idea and/or demo app.
  23. Is my personal information secure?
    We will do our best to protect personal information but we cannot guarantee security.
  24. Do I need an AIO or tablet to participate?
    You don’t need an AIO or tablet to submit an app idea. Phase 1 finalists will receive either the AIO or tablet on loan to complete their demo app development.

    The Lenovo Horizon AIO capabilities are outlined here. The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 capabilities are outlined here.
  25. What accessories come with the Lenovo Horizon AIO and Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2?
    The Lenovo Horizon AIO comes with the joystick, striker, and E-dice that interact with the multi-touch screen.

    The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 comes with a detachable keyboard and pen.
  26. Where do I go if I have additional questions?
    Please visit our forum

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.