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Programming Languages
1 Jul 2022   Updated: 1 Jul 2022   Rating: 2.45/5    Votes: 5   Popularity: 1.72
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Unicode / Creating, Writing, Appending / a text (*.txt) file - how to do it

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Retired Senior Project Manager but still learning.

Don't be a lurker sucking the life from this site by reading and rarely responding to an offer of a solution. If you are so smart that you would have thought something better, then answer better, don't suck entertainment from this site without giving a response to those posters that attempt to answer. A little encouragement goes a long way. A lot of negativity to a poster is seen as fear of them. Vote up or vote down, and if you vote down, tell technically why you voted down, don't be a sucking lurker. The owners of this site can remove your account the same as they can mine. Engage, don't just wallow in your own high status for actually your status does not belong to you.

You probably noticed that my "debator" score is negative. I told off some piss-ants with lots of points that they were piss-ants for being mean to other users, so they used their points to mark a lot of my messages with a -16. This site is all some imaginary game being played for imaginary points. I have played better games many times. I have won so many times that many of those games are now booring like this one. They are still piss-ants and they know it.