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Posted 9 Nov 2005


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Accessing Adobe InDesign CS COM Objects from .NET

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9 Nov 2005CPOL
An article showing how to access Adobe InDesign CS COM objects from .NET


This article shows how to access Adobe InDesign CS COM objects from .NET.


I needed to make an application that read product information from a database and inserted it in an Adobe InDesign template to create a catalog ready for printing. There is not much information about this subject to be found on the Internet, so I thought I might share this article with you.

Note: Adobe InDesign CS and the InDesign SDK need to be installed on the development computer.

Using the Code

Create a new project in Visual Studio and make a reference to COM object 'Adobe InDesign CS Type Library'. The following code creates an instance of the InDesign application and gets the first textframe on the first page.

// create an InDesign instance
InDesign.Application app = 
    (InDesign.Application) COMCreateObject("InDesign.Application");

// get a reference to the current active document
InDesign.Document doc = app.ActiveDocument;

// get the first page
InDesign.Page page = (InDesign.Page) doc.Pages[1]; //1e pagina

// get the first textframe
InDesign.TextFrame frame = (InDesign.TextFrame) page.TextFrames[1];

// write contents of textframe

// set contents of textframe
frame.Contents = "Andere content";

To create an instance of the InDesign COM object, I use the following code snippet:

/// <span class="code-SummaryComment"><SUMMARY></span>
/// Creates a COM object given its ProgID.
/// <span class="code-SummaryComment"></SUMMARY></span>
/// <span class="code-SummaryComment"><param name="sProgID">The ProgID to create</param></span>
/// <span class="code-SummaryComment"><RETURNS>The newly created object, or null on failure.</RETURNS></span>
public static object COMCreateObject (string sProgID)
    // We get the type using just the ProgID
    Type oType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID (sProgID);
    if (oType != null)
        return Activator.CreateInstance( oType);
    return null;


  • 9th November, 2005: First publication


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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