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Dear Friends,

Its really really making me mad, I have Google lots of time and everywhere answer no no and no.

I need to access one on my iframe which is in my website default page all work fine without ssl but when i turn on ssl my site use https:// the issue started iframe stop showing my chart.

Lots of google link tell me to change your chart to https:// or add in same path where the website is located, but issue is the link is third party developed and they will charge us for that which is not accepted by me.

It will also grateful for me if i can access certain part of my website as secure instead of whole website, but don't know how to manage certain pages as https://.

For your information, my website is generated by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Dot Net Version 3.5. I am mostly access my website using firefox (Blocking content), IE (Ask me mixed content Yes or No option before loading).

Please give me some direction to handle this issue.

Thanks in advance i know there is some solution.

Thanks and Regard's
Santosh Sawant
Updated 12-Jan-15 18:56pm

1 solution


Assuming you are using
(depending on the complexity of scripts on the source page, as code behind) but if you are simply trying just to display info this might work.

Create a blank new page
in the code behind use
WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
string htmlString = w.DownloadString("");

Then use the response.write command to write the entire string into the page then you can now iframe reference the page you just created and it should display fine.
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Sasmi_Office 13-Jan-15 1:17am    
Thanks Chonal171,

the link is not

Can i do this using javascript to show on default.aspx iframe, if you have code can you pass me as i am little bit confused about that.

Thanks once again...

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