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I am having for a weird situation with a ListBox.
In a Module I fill a ListBox with names from a file. On the Form the ListBox shows 2 Items.
If File.Exists(fUsers) Then
    With frmSettings
        Dim NoLines As Integer = File.ReadAllLines(fUsers).Length ' Antal linier i filen
        Dim lNames As New List(Of String)
        Dim lPass As New List(Of String)

        For i = 1 To NoLines - 1 Step 2
            lNames.Add(Crypto.Decrypt(File.ReadAllLines(fUsers).ElementAtOrDefault(i), skey))
        Next i
        For i = 2 To NoLines - 1 Step 2
            lPass.Add(Crypto.Decrypt(File.ReadAllLines(fUsers).ElementAtOrDefault(i), skey))
        For i = 0 To lNames.Count - 1
            pList.Add(New Users(lNames(i), lPass(i)))
    End With
End If

When I click the ListBox the first name shows correctly. The second name gives me the error:
IndexOutOfRangeException was unhandled - Index was outside the bounds of the array
Private Sub lstUsers_Click(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles lstUsers.Click
    If lstUsers.Items.Count > 0 Then
        txtUser.Text = lstUsers.SelectedItems.Item(lstUsers.SelectedIndex).ToString
    End If
End Sub

Debug shows 2 items in count
When clicked Debug shows the correct Index

Thank you in advance,
Richard MacCutchan 3-Oct-14 4:05am
ListView index starts at 0, so if you have 2 items, the valid indices are 0 and 1.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 3-Oct-14 4:40am
Yes that is correct, but my Debug shows Index 0 for the first item and Index 1 for the second so this should give the names right?
txtUser.Text = lstUsers.SelectedItems.Item(lstUsers.SelectedIndex).ToString

1 solution

Your error is in this:

You have only 1 selected item (which is the one clicked) - unless you're multiselecting you should always have 0 instead of lstUsers.SelectedIndex and even when multiselecting, unless you select ALL items this will break at some point.

Or alternatively use full list to select the one selected:

If this helps, please take time to accept the solution. Thank you.
N. Henrik Lauridsen 3-Oct-14 7:01am
Thank you Sinisa Hajnal, that did it. I am happy that so many are willing to help. Thank's again Henrik

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