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I need help to get the numeric value (constant) after = from an Enum by Index or Text from my ComboBox.

Thank you in advance,

Private Enum IPCamFrameRates
        <Description("Max")> Max = 0
        <Description("20")> f20 = 1
        <Description("15")> f15 = 3
        <Description("10")> f10 = 6
        <Description("5 frames")> f5 = 11
        <Description("4 frames")> f4 = 12
        <Description("3 frames")> f3 = 13
        <Description("2 frames")> f2 = 14
        <Description("1 frame")> f1 = 15
        <Description("1 fps/2s")> fps1_2s = 17
        <Description("1 fps/3s")> fps1_3s = 19
        <Description("1 fps/4s")> fps1_4s = 21
        <Description("1 fps/5s")> fps1_5s = 23
    End Enum
    Private Sub cboFrameRate1_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As System.Object, e _
      As System.EventArgs) Handles cboFrameRate1.SelectedIndexChanged
    End Sub
    Public Shared Function GetEnumDescription(ByVal EnumConstant As [Enum]) As _
        Dim fi As Reflection.FieldInfo = EnumConstant.GetType().GetField( _
        Dim attr() As System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute = DirectCast( _
        fi.GetCustomAttributes(GetType( _
        System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute), False), _
        If attr.Length > 0 Then
            Return attr(0).Description
            Return EnumConstant.ToString()
        End If
    End Function
    Public Shared Function GetEnumDescriptions(ByVal EnumConstant As Type) As _
        ' SYNTAX : Me.cbFileActionType.Items.AddRange(GetEnumDescriptions( 
        ' GetType(eFileListActionType)))
        Dim res(-1) As String
        For Each ec As [Enum] In [Enum].GetValues(EnumConstant)
            ReDim Preserve res(UBound(res) + 1)
            res(UBound(res)) = GetEnumDescription(ec)
        Return res
    End Function
[no name] 6-Sep-14 10:39am

1 solution

Instead of an Enum, you better use a Dictionary[^] for this. A dictionary is a collection of keys and values, so for example, you can use "5 frames" as key and 11 as value:

First, in your constructor, add the keys/values to the dictionary:
Public Class YourClass

    Private IPCamFrameRates As New Dictionary(Of String, Integer)()

    Public Sub New()
        IPCamFrameRates.Add("Max", 0)
        IPCamFrameRates.Add("20", 1)
        IPCamFrameRates.Add("15", 3)
        IPCamFrameRates.Add("10", 6)
        IPCamFrameRates.Add("5 frames", 11)
        ' add other values
    End Sub

And to get a value from the dictionary, try this:
If IPCamFrameRates.ContainsKey(yourKeyFromComboBox) Then
    Dim result As Integer = IPCamFrameRates(yourKeyFromComboBox)
    ' given key not in dictionary
End If
N. Henrik Lauridsen 6-Sep-14 10:58am
Hi ProgramFOX, thank you for your fast reply. It looks good and I will try it right away.
Thomas Daniels 6-Sep-14 10:59am
You're welcome!
N. Henrik Lauridsen 6-Sep-14 11:18am
ProgramFOX you are the best it work just great.
I filled my combobox with the values from the Dictionary like this:
cboFrameRate1.DisplayMember = "Key"
cboFrameRate1.ValueMember = "Value"
cboFrameRate1.DataSource = New BindingSource(IPCamFrameRates, Nothing)

I hope this is correct.
Thank you again,
Thomas Daniels 6-Sep-14 11:21am
Yes, your code is correct.

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