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I am working on a web application, developed using ASP.NET. I need a functionality to show a pdf file embedded in the form. The pdf file is actually a form with some editable controls like textbox, checkbox etc. I want the users to fill this pdf form and click on submit button to save this file. When submit button is clicked, the pdf file with the data filled by the user should be saved on the server. I need help with the last step that how to upload the file to the server.

I know that I can allow users to download the files, edit it and then upload it. But I need to show the file embedded on the web page and it should be saved by clicking a button on that same page, instead of first downloading it and then uploading it back.

I searched on google and found that it can be done using Reader Extensions Server or some third party tools, but those posts are not very clear.

Can someone guide me through the steps or point to a helpful article?
Updated 24-Oct-19 11:50am

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I think saving individual data is better than saving the PDF. As you can change or customize the data with minimal changes as and when required, but in the other hand if you are saving the pdf then you need to replace the whole pdf even if there is a small change.

Also saving the data fields individually , you can have a better control over data.
you can then generate the PDF file on demand using the data.

There are 2 third party tools

Both are good tool they can be used to generate PDF files on demand.

Say you have several templates (Format/Design style to be shown) for the same data.
Then you can give the user an option to customize the data for look and fill.
Saving the data will give you more option to represent in various ways.

Also you dont need to upload the PDF.
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Code Help 2014 4-Sep-14 5:39am    
The normal pages for user input will not work in my case. This is because we don't have a fixed set of input fields. There can be 100s of different type of forms.
I am aware of the tools like itextsharp to generate pdf files but here I don't need the functionality to generate pdf files. I just want the users to fill the data in editable pdf files and submit those files. The files thus submitted will be read by human users, and will not be processed by any computer programs.
Thanks for your valuable time and suggestions.
Michael Clinton 12-Apr-17 16:45pm    
I am in the same situation, I have already created the pdf, I just want to display them individually and save the entire pdf or the data back on our server. Did you find a solution?
Member 8043300 24-Oct-19 16:54pm    
Hi, someone found some solution for this. I have the same problem. Thanks!
Member 8043300 24-Oct-19 16:55pm    
Hiv Someone found some solution for this. I have the same problem. Thanks!

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