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sir, i have a query like:-

select	(Studentid+semid) as total , 30+((50-30)* (cast(24 as float)/cast(50 as float))) as cal 
from student

the result of query is :-

total -- cal
6 -- 39.6
7 -- 39.6
5 -- 39.6
8 -- 39.6

i need that my total column value are set in place of '24'. and cal result is base on total column value. how can i do it.
Updated 29-Aug-14 2:30am
Vinay Mistry 29-Aug-14 8:34am
Replace your value by column name
TCS54321 29-Aug-14 8:41am
sir, its not working, it said invalid column
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Aug-14 8:49am
true, you should use (StundetID+SemId) again in stead of 24
TCS54321 29-Aug-14 8:55am
yes sir.. its working.. thanku
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Aug-14 8:58am
good luck
OriginalGriff 29-Aug-14 8:34am
That doesn't make any sense to me:
"i need that my total column value are set in place of '24'. and cal result is base on total column value."
What do you mean?
Perhaps an example would help?

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Herman<T>.Instance 29-Aug-14 8:50am
It made me think a while too!
TCS54321 29-Aug-14 8:40am
sir, i want to say that in place of 24 i want that value of total.. like in first time 6 set in place of 24, then 7 set, then 5 and so on.
Thanks7872 29-Aug-14 8:42am
use reply button on comment.
TCS54321 29-Aug-14 8:42am

1 solution

Hope the below code solve your problem.

WITH Sample_CTE (total)
    SELECT (Studentid+semid) as total from student
SELECT 30+((50-30)* (cast(total as float)/cast(50 as float)))  AS cal
FROM Sample_CTE;

(if yes pls mark as solved)

TCS54321 29-Aug-14 8:52am
sir, 100 is a hardcode. every time it take 100 in place of total??
Faisal(mfrony) 29-Aug-14 9:10am
Is that ok Now ?

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