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can any one tell me how to make windows form responsive in c# windows form application.
like all form looks similar in all computer and laptop.
actually when i runs form in diffrent device it looks bad label goes right and all that.

so please help me
thank you.
Updated 18-Apr-19 13:08pm
Mitchell J. 16-Mar-14 2:58am
Can you post a sample of the code that, while running, makes the form unresponsive?
People can then have a look to see how you can fix your code.
Abhinav Gauniyal 16-Mar-14 14:15pm
Might meant responsive as screen adaptive!

By careful use of the 'Anchor and 'Dock properties of Controls on a Windows Form, you can achieve proper placement of Controls as the perceived visual size of the Form changes as it is displayed on different resolution, and form-factor, screens.

Windows Forms is really a bad choice if you want visual elements, like Fonts, to actually scale; as Abhinav S recommends, WPF is a much better choice for that.

While I have written an experimental UI that scales all its Controls, including their Fonts, automatically in Windows Forms, the result was not satisfactory, and I have never seen any Win Forms based solution that enabled smooth scaling across any size factor.
Responsive form is a different thing.
I think in your case, you are looking for a scenario where the same form can work on different resolution screens.

You can scale controls to some extent - Automatic Scaling in Windows Forms[^].
However, in general, Windows Forms is not good in terms of working with different resolutions. WPF is better.
Abhinav Gauniyal 16-Mar-14 14:15pm
WPF applications are resolution independent!
ketan Ram Patil 21-Aug-17 0:39am
How to make responsive design in wpf vb ?
lmoelleb 28-Mar-19 6:08am - it was not exactly hard to google.

This is XAML where the view is defined, so doesn't matter if you use VB or C#. There is one peace of C# example code, but it is very simple - just checking the window width and calling a method.
WPF is much better if you want to make it responsive.
I mean yeah, you can go for Anchoring and Docking Properties[^] of the controls, but there you need to place all the controls in proper manner. (must be tedious ;)).

Go for WPF.

ketan Ram Patil 19-Aug-17 8:09am
How to make responsive design in wpf vb ?
Use TableLayoutPanel
Richard Deeming 7-Dec-18 12:02pm
How is a JAVA control going to help in a WINDOWS FORMS application?

Perhaps you meant the TableLayoutPanel?
Member 13312004 27-Mar-19 23:43pm
Yes, what I meant is TableLayoutPanel

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