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Dear all
I’m using DebugView from Mark Russinovich to view my messages send by DebugOutput. With W-XP I never had a problem, all “DebugOutput” messages where visible in DebugView.

Now W7: I have a background process (no GUI).

a.) In case I start this background process by double clicking in the explorer, debug messages are displayed in DebugView. Fact: If I start the background process by double-click from explorer, the process runs under the current account (“my account”).

b.) If I start the same process by the help of a service, no DebugMessage arrives in debug view.
Account in this case is “SYSTEM”.

c.) So I configured the service to run under “my account” to force, that the background process will also run under “my account”, in the hope DebugOutput will arrive in DebugView.

But unfortunately no DebugOutput arrives in DebugView.

What I’m missing, where I’m wrong?
Thank you very much in advance.
Updated 31-Jan-14 12:38pm

1 solution

I always run as Administrator
and run with "Capture Global Win32" in the menu.

That always work for me.
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[no name] 31-Jan-14 18:30pm    
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you so much! hhhhhmmm but what is the cause...anyway a the moment I'm happy with your solution ;) I like to vote +1K but not possible ;)
Mattias Högström 1-Feb-14 6:51am    
Thanks :)

Here is a link to someone that has experienced a lot of problems getting the debugview to work.
It seems to relate to the support of multiple remote desktop sessions on newer OS:es.
[no name] 1-Feb-14 13:57pm    
Thank you very much again, the link is very informative. Kind regards, Bruno

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