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I have made a form for searching purpose.
1. eight Combobx with 8 Values/Items (table Column Names)
one TextBox
another Combobx with two option (AND/OR)

the above 3 line group is eight time in my forms.

i have also place a checklist box with six option
now i am going to make searching query.
here is the query
string SearchQuery = "Select * From Hadiths_old Where Baab_Id < 100 =" + BookSelection  + AndOrQuery ;

here BookSelection Query Fragment Formation, this is one the basis of checklist box item selection
string BookSelection = "";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(0) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 1";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(1) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 2";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(2) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 3";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(3) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 4";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(4) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 5";
            if (clbBooksName.GetItemChecked(5) == true)
                BookSelection = "OR Hadith_Book_Number = 6";

Now for Combox of Column and AND/OR Operator. I am really stuck
8 combobox values with one text box and then also another combobox with two values (and/or)
i try to make this query

if(!String.IsNullOrEmpty(tbSearch1.Text) && cbColumn1.SelectedIndex ==0 && cbOperator1.SelectedIndex==0)
              AndOrQuery = "AND Hadith_Arabic ="+ tbSearch1.Text + "AND";  

may be this will work but i am really worry if i use this techniques then i need to make lot of condition maybe 50 or 100 condition which is not possible. please help here.
how to form query??

Your code is a nightmare. For a start, it's using ifs instead of a switch. Second, string mashing SQL is always bad. If you stop and look at your code, you are looking for booknumber n+1 where n is the checked item. That logic is pretty easy to work out in a loop, creating a list of items to look for, which you can pass in to a stored proc as XML.

It seems very complex requirement here but don't worry I would like to say create a stored procedure (as you are using SQL command here) add all the parameter in that query as optional
and then in stored procedure according to value add the condition. I think that will be more easy.

Muhamad Faizan Khan 11-Nov-13 23:59pm
what will i do with and or? operator
Rajat-Indiandotnet 12-Nov-13 1:44am
You can handle those in stored procedure that would be easy.

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