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I am developing a software that will generate certificates for the users. Using:

VB.NET 2008 w/Crystal Reports & MySQL 5.0

One of my requirements, on the printed certificate it should have a SPECIAL DATE with a format like below:

FROM FORMAT: "01/24/2013" TO "24th Day of January, 2013"
FROM FORMAT: "03/2/2013" TO "2nd Day of March, 2013"
FROM FORMAT: "01/3/2013" TO "3rd Day of January, 2013"

Do you know how to format date even in MySQL to show something these?

I didn't see any options from crystal report under 'FORMAT OBJECTS even in custom date format.

But i saw other .exe software that somehow able to do similar to my requirement

Format using MySQL

DATE_FORMAT('2013-01-24', '%D Day of %M, %Y)

Sample Query

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JMAM 30-Aug-13 2:17am    
Thanks Jayron.
JMAM 30-Aug-13 3:55am    
Hi Jaryon. It wokrs with MySQL query however it changes when i use that field in my report.

For example: SELECT date_format(`tbl_member`.`col_dateissued`,'"%D Day of %M, %Y"') AS `col_dateissued` FROM MyTABLE

The Date Will be displayed like this "1st Day of August, 2002" 8/1/2002 12:00:00 AM

I do not know why crystalreport changes it
jayron527 4-Sep-13 22:06pm    
Maybe in your datatable... if your using datatable set column to String not DateTime or date
JMAM 19-Sep-13 9:26am    
Thanks it works
make a custome veriable with the value and format it
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JMAM 28-Aug-13 16:33pm    
Hi, thanks for the response. Can you give more details? how would i know what to insert suffix for DAY format (rd, th or nd) example if 2 its 2nd, if 23 its 23rd. if 4 its 4th.
creat a custome function name test in crystal report, select "Basic Syntax" from drop down.
Function test (t as date) as string
dim outString as string

if day(t)=1 then 
    outString="1st day of "
    if day(t)=2 then 
        outString="2nd day of "
        if day(t)=3 then 
            outString="3rd day of "
            if day(t)=4 then 
                outString="4th day of "
                if day(t)=5 then 
                    outString="5th day of "
                End if
            end if
        end if
    end if
end if

if month(t)=1 then 
    outString=outString + "January, " + Replace (ToText (year(t),0),"," ,"" )
    if month(t)=2 then 
        outString=outString + "February, " +    Replace (ToText (year(t),0),"," ,"" )
        if month(t)=3 then 
            outString=outString + "March, " +   Replace (ToText (year(t),0),"," ,"" )
            if month(t)=4 then 
                outString=outString + "April, " +    Replace (ToText (year(t),0),"," ,"" )
                if month(t)=5 then 
                    outString=outString + "May, " +    Replace (ToText (year(t),0),"," ,"" )
                End if
            end if
        end if
    end if
end if

    test =outString
End Function

call this function from new formula fields.
Formula=test(CDate ({Command.Work_date}))

put the formula field into report details section.
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Hasan Habib Surzo 29-Aug-13 4:20am    
Before submit this ans i test it with crystal report. So If you think this is not going to work, please share your solution.

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