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Hi, i want to do a booking system for libraries in ASP.NET. Like, day/hour/table number. If the table reserved, i want it to change color. But im very beginner. Is there any idea to make it more effective. Which components that I should've use?

What I have tried:

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Updated 28-Dec-20 5:55am

See tutorial here: Restaurant Table Reservation Tutorial (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET) | DayPilot Code[^]

And here is a rather verbose dissertation: Tan-ChinLoong-fulltext.pdf

You probably also want to use a database, and if you have no experience with SQL Server that will be a steep learning curve. There are much simpler databases like LiteDB, see: best-databases-for-a-small-net-application[^]

If you want to use a more heavyweight database, a tool like ERBuilder can be helpful to design the database: relational-database-design-and-modelling-tools[^]
[no name] 28-Dec-20 12:46pm
Thank you so much! That was the thing what i search.
I think i can use that link. ^^
BillWoodruff 29-Dec-20 21:12pm
+5 Your thoughtful posting of appropriate links to many questions deserves recognition !
RickZeeland 30-Dec-20 2:51am
Thanks Bill, and best wishes for the new year!
You'll probably want a Database or similar, and a UI: these will depend on the environment you are running your code under (a web based solution would be very different from a Winforms, and even more different for a console based app for example), and your skills / experience will dictate your data storage.

To be honest, if you have to ask this question, then you probably aren't ready to start with something this complex - you need to store a lot of information:
Books need title, author, ISBN, probably it's Dewey Decimal, and an individual book ID (to differentiate it from the three other copies the library holds)
Users need an ID, a birth date (to restrict access to "adult" material, a "fines"
Loans need to associate a book with a user, the data borrowed, the due date,
Returned books need a "loan history" so if a book if found to be damaged you know how to blame / charge.
A "proper" database is the best for this, and if you want this to bne actually used you will need a server based DB such as Sql Server or MySql.

The user interface - regardless of the environment - needs careful planning and then design for the specific environment (and possibly environments: that could add a lot of complication that needs to be thought about right at the beginning).

All in all, this isn't a trivial project and you need to start with a specification, then design the system from that, preferably along with a test spec tso you know what you deliverable must do!

A "very beginner" probably isn't quite ready for this yet!
[no name] 28-Dec-20 12:45pm
Thank you for your answer. It helps me a lot.
OriginalGriff 28-Dec-20 13:23pm
You're welcome!
Member 14732673 28-Dec-20 14:08pm
i don't know about your library but mine has more than just books to offer.
CD's, books on tape, ...
and some books must be marked as reference books and not be able to be checked out, but still must be in the system.

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