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I created a base form (baseForm) which sets the color etc. for all the other forms. Then I created an other form, derived from baseForm, lets call it childForm. Now I want to derive an other form from this childForm, and thus inherit all the settings, buttons, etc from the childForm and baseForm. But after adding this new inherited form, derived from childForm, the only thing I see in design view is one large line of HTML code...

Does someone know an answer to this?
Frans Jan 14-Sep-12 7:39am    
Even more frustrating: When debugging and I call this form to open, it shows the form as it's supposed to look. Now I want this in my design view too :(

The solution to my problem is a very silly one... In the childForm, which I tried to inherit, I used the LineShape from the Visual Basic Powerpacks.[^]. Once I deleted these lines, the inheritenace was no problem...
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Could you ellaborate the doubt a bit?
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Frans Jan 14-Sep-12 6:51am    
Well, to make it short and simple:
I create a windows form in VisualBasic (baseForm).
Then I created an other form (childForm), which is an inherited form from baseForm. No problem until now, I can design my form just as always in the design view.
Now I created an other form (newForm), which is also an inherited form, but this newForm is inherited from childForm. When I want to design this form in the design view, I see this: <html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><title></title><style>.ErrorStyle { font-family: tahoma; font-size:.... and the rest of this HTML-code, instead of my form. But I want to see my form, so that I can design it.
are you getting error, that is not allowing to generate new exe? then solve errors & then clean solution, rebuilt now reopen form

I think it's a warning, it happens when we use usercontrols or inherited forms due to mistakes in code
just close the design-view of form & clean solution, rebuilt it sucessfully then open that form again.

Happy coding!
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Frans Jan 14-Sep-12 7:35am    
I did the clean and rebuild solution, but unfortunately without result. Still seeing the HTML code...
Aarti Meswania 14-Sep-12 7:49am    
can you run this form?
means runtime this form opens or not?
Frans Jan 14-Sep-12 8:06am    
Yes it does. But it still doesn't in design view
Aarti Meswania 14-Sep-12 8:10am    
ok then check each event in you have performed some-thing there is conflicting
like in a event you have do sql connection and design time it can not call it...
and use try..catch for all events or properties
at time of get-set property there should not be sql-connection
correct that kind of mistakes
if there option available 'Ignore & continue' then press it may be it can generate design-view
Frans Jan 14-Sep-12 8:17am    
Well that's the fun part of it. There are no events/methods at all untill now, I'm just designing the forms. I noticed the warning I recieve:

Warning 1 There is already a command handler for the menu command '5efc7975-14bc-11cf-9b2b-00aa00573819 : 17'. 0 0

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