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i need to Copy a row exept from one table to another, except for one value: logdate

The logdate value is not selected from any row, it has to be the NOW date and time.

i dont know the syntax to make it work?

this is my sql:

INSERT logfiletable(filename,filetype,filecolomn,lastupdatebyFK,parentfiberFK,logdate)logdate=Systen.DateTime.Now
SELECT filename,filetype,filecolumn,lasteditbyFK,parentfiberFK FROM filetable where filename ='sorteringstest' and parentfiberFK= 6 and filetype <> '.pdf'

You can't use System.DateTime.Now in SQL. You would have to use the SQL function getdate instead.
Jesper Schlütter 16-Mar-12 8:31am
When i execute the sql it looks like this
INSERT logfiletable(logdate,filename,filetype,filecolomn,lastupdatebyFK,parentfiberFK)logdate=16-03-2012 13:25:29 SELECT filename,filetype,filecolumn,lasteditbyFK,parentfiberFK, FROM filetable where filename ='sorteringstest' and parentfiberFK= 6 and filetype <> '.pdf'

So i dont think thats the problem. i think it is the syntax
Something like this:

INSERT INTO logfiletable(filename,filetype,filecolomn,lastupdatebyFK,parentfiberFK,logdate)
 SELECT filename,filetype,filecolumn,lasteditbyFK,parentfiberFK, GetDate() FROM filetable where filename ='sorteringstest' and parentfiberFK= 6 and filetype <> '.pdf' 
Jesper Schlütter 16-Mar-12 9:21am
But then i'm selecting GetDate() from filetable. that does not work..
dbrenth 16-Mar-12 9:29am
GetDate() is a function that doesn't run on any table. It is a function that just places the current date into the list of insert values.
Jesper Schlütter 16-Mar-12 9:41am
Thanks :)

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