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Hi. I am doing a research on twitter. I found a c# code which is using a twitter api to download the tweets of the users that I specify in the porogram but the problem is when I run the program after a while the program is no longer able to download the tweets and it gets 0 number of tweets. Is there any one facing with this issue before?
Updated 18-Feb-12 23:45pm

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Further information required to answer this question (probably) - which Twitter library are you using? Which Twitter API are you accessing? Twitter has a limit on the number of requests you are allowed to make to it in certain time periods and a limit for the whole day (you will need to look up the exact limits on the Twitter Developers' Website) - if you exceed this limit you will get empty responses. Trying to mass download a person's Tweets would probably cause you to exceed the limit.

Hope this helps,
hosseinDolat 19-Feb-12 7:22am
Thanks dear Edward. It helps me alot.

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