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Afternoon all,

Quick question before I lose a day trying this.

Does anybody know if it is possible to use the VS2003 C++ compiler in a VS2010 project?


Updated 8-Nov-11 1:29am
Prerak Patel 8-Nov-11 7:12am    
What do you want to do? Do you want to open VS2010 solution in VS2003?!

Yes, you can use any compiler anywhere you like. Whether it will give you the results you want is a totally different issue.
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PaulPrice 8-Nov-11 7:15am    

Care to suggest a method to achieve this?
Richard MacCutchan 8-Nov-11 7:18am    
A method to achieve what? I can't say I really understand what you are trying to do. VS2003 and VS2010 are IDEs not compilers, they merely make calls to the compiler via their build commands. All you have to do is point them at whichever compiler you wish to use.
PaulPrice 8-Nov-11 7:32am    
I have just noted the glaring hole in my question, sorry, feels like a Monday.

Brief description, VS2010 solution with 3 .NET projects and 1 C++ project. As a test to a problem at client site; I have been asked to port this back to VS2003. The actual issue is with the C++ project so I am looking for a way to force this to compile with C++ compiler 7.1

Thanks for taking the time.
Maximilien 8-Nov-11 8:21am    
"As a test to a problem at client site; I have been asked to port this back to VS2003."

Why, why , why ??? that kind of request does not make sense at all. the compiler of VS2003 is not as good as the one in VS2010.
If the code does not run as expected with the compiler of VS2010, then there are issues in your code that need fixing.

Andrew Brock 8-Nov-11 12:06pm    
VS2003 was the last compiler to support Windows 98. This is about the only reason I can think of, not that it makes sense.
To be able to compile code with Visual Studio 2003, you should already have Visual Studio 2003 (IDE and compiler) ...

If you have it, just use VS2003 IDE (with its compiler) for your C++ code and keep using VS2010 for your C# code.

You probably have to rebuild the project from scratch since the project files (dsw, dsp, ... ) are not backward compatible.

Other than that, there are a few google hits that might help you; and I found this here ,on CP that could help you :

Using Visual Studio 2008 IDE with Visual C++ 2010 compiler[^]
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