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Hi All,

currently I'm doing a project which controls a call center. So, in that application, When we add a new record we can save the call's sound file. First we save the sound file in a shared location, then save the link in the database. Then we retrieve the saved link and click on it. then the Sound file will play through the client's media player.

Can you please help me to do this. Im using ASP.NET 2 , .NET framework 3.5 with C#.NET

Thankz in advance

If compatibility is not an issue use HTML5 features :[^]

or see this :[^]
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Kasun Koswattha 22-Oct-11 4:59am    
Hi, Thankz for your promote reply. but in this case, We have to have the browser plugins. Is there a way to play the sound through the Client machine's media Player ??

there are plenty of ways to do that

you can play them by using embedded tag like

<embedded src=""></embedded>

you can check these links

All the Best
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Kasun Koswattha 22-Oct-11 5:06am    
Hi, Thankz for your promote reply. Please note that We are saving the sound file in a shared location. So, If we use the above solution, can we control it in the server side??
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:12am     CRLF
k let me clarify you <div id="audply" runat="server" > </div> and code behind file contains audply.InnerHtml = "<embed src=\"Downloads/Brathakali.mp3\" ></embed>"; then we can play what ever it is with out any plugin
Kasun Koswattha 22-Oct-11 5:40am    
Hi , Thnkz for your clarification. I will try this and get back to you.
Kasun Koswattha 22-Oct-11 7:16am     CRLF
Hi, I have tried this code. But it didn't work . sID.InnerHtml = "<embed src=\"C:/Users/Kasun/Downloads/Music/Reta Mang - Romesh ft Jithmi.mp3\">PLay</embed>" sID is my <td>
Muralikrishna8811 23-Oct-11 10:30am     CRLF
hi where your music file located in client location or in your server side you've to store it in your solution downloads or something else then you 've to give that path in server.mappath

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