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I want to know what is the language that don't need a virtual machine or .net-framework

to setup and working on windows like real player ,gadgets ,yahoo messenger .....etc

any app developed in c# or java need virtual machine or .netframework to work
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 23:11pm    
I'm just curious, but are you targeting an OS that doesn't have any framework or virtual machine installed?

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Yeah Java and .NET has dependencies that need to be installed on your target machine.
A language such as C++ doesn't have those kind of dependencies, but a lot of the functionality you are using is Platform specific especially UI functionality. There are however libraries that nullifies that drawback, but removes some of your control however.

In my opinion you should not filter out Java and C# because they have dependencies, because
1) It's easy to install these dependencies along with your application if necessary.
2) .NET comes preinstalled on Window.
3) Developing an application in Java or C# is faster and less prone to errors than using an unmanaged language like C++. There are people who will say otherwise and the are just religious about it and left behind the rest of us. I'm not saying C++ shouldn't be used, but it's not a lot of systems that need to be developed in a low level language today.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Aug-11 22:55pm     CRLF
Fixed 7 spelling errors or so. Could you use a Web browser which does spell check? As to the thought, I agree with the most of it. My 5. As to languages for native programming, many more should be considered. One of my favorite was Delphi Pascal, for example; it combined power of C++ and culture and safety of .NET; .NET was derived for Delphi by its chief architect, if someone is unaware of it. --SA
Simon Bang Terkildsen 25-Aug-11 23:25pm     CRLF
Thank you for correcting the mistakes, It's getting late here, well more like early morning now, trying to be ready for the test release to the client :) I've actually not considered using a spell checker plugin, I'll look into it, thank you for the suggestion.
m_7tem 26-Aug-11 8:20am     CRLF
thanks sir ,but if I want to make a small and light application like gadget what can I use ?

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