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I'm working with a datagridview that is linked to a DataSet and is editable by the user.
When the user changes a value and presses the save button, DataSet.HasChanges() returns false.
The changes made in the modified row in the datagridview have not been committed though can be by selecting a different row (by pressing enter or clicking).

But users tend to forget doing so and therefor brings the question;
How can I force the datagridview to commit any changes made to it's rows?
Updated 3-Dec-17 2:48am

1 solution

There are two DatgridView properties which should help solve this problem, IsCurrentCellDirty[^] and IsCurrentRowDirty[^], If there are uncommitted cells then call CommitEdit with the argument DataGridViewDataErrorContexts.Commit.

Another possibility is to examine IsCurrentCellInEditMode and call EndEdit on the cell.

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Groulien 29-Apr-11 15:44pm    
It worked!
--My implementation for documentation/google purposes--
It works by iterating through all the cells (CurrentCell property) and then using IsCurrentCellDirty and EndEdit.
sumitk.cadc 3-Dec-17 7:49am    
hi all ,
i want to achieve same thing in WPF datagrid please tell me how to to do this in WPF?

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