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ok i have created code to search though a file but i want to add text in a function in a game script file this is the code i have done.

public void insidemain()
    // this is for all functions inside of main and there are a few so we start here
    string[] lines = null;

        lines = File.ReadAllLines(elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc");

    catch (Exception ex)
        XtraMessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "ERROR adding values to ERROR CODE 002");

    if (lines != null)

        using (StreamReader elfenlied = new StreamReader((elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc")))
            string elfenliedtopfan5_program = elfenlied.ReadToEnd();
            if (elfenliedtopfan5_program.Contains("#precache( \"client_fx\", SNOW_FX );"))
                //MessageBox.Show("SCAR-H ALREADY ADDED.");
                _MessageResult.Instance.Append("Already Added :  devine calls to : " + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc" + Environment.NewLine);
            if (!elfenliedtopfan5_program.Contains("#precache( \"client_fx\", SNOW_FX );"))
                if (File.Exists(elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc"))

                        string s =
                                   "#define SNOW_FX \"dlc0/factory/fx_snow_player_os_factory\"\r\n"
                                  + "#precache( \"client_fx\", SNOW_FX );\r\n";

                        string file = elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc";
                        List<string> elf = new List<string>(System.IO.File.ReadAllLines(file));
                        int index = elf.FindIndex(item => item.Contains("function main()" + "{"));
                        if (index != -1)
                            elf.Insert(index + 1, s);//""
                        System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(file, elf);
                        //richTextBoxEx1.LoadFile(Properties.Settings.Default.mods + "//mod.csv", RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText);
                        //MessageBox.Show("Added: " + s + " Mods.csv");
                        _MessageResult.Instance.Append("\r\nAdded:  " + s + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("Mod") + @"\scripts\zm\" + elfenliedprogsettings.Read("ModName") + ".csc" + Environment.NewLine);




but the part im having issues with i can not get the text to go inside the brackets i need the text to be placed inside the mainfunction

but i i not sure how to accumplish this.

the file
#using scripts\codescripts\struct;
#using scripts\shared\audio_shared;
#using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared;
#using scripts\shared\clientfield_shared;
#using scripts\shared\exploder_shared;
#using scripts\shared\scene_shared;
#using scripts\shared\util_shared;

#insert scripts\shared\shared.gsh;
#insert scripts\shared\version.gsh;

#using scripts\zm\_load;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_weapons;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_pack_a_punch;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_additionalprimaryweapon;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_doubletap2;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_deadshot;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_juggernaut;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_quick_revive;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_sleight_of_hand;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_perk_staminup;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_double_points;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_carpenter;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_fire_sale;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_free_perk;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_full_ammo;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_insta_kill;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerup_nuke;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_trap_electric;

#using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;

function main()

	util::waitforclient( 0 );

function include_weapons()
	zm_weapons::load_weapon_spec_from_table("gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv", 1);

also cant just do } as the user will have functions above the main function so in summary i need to look for the main function find that then find the } starting brace and add the text in there

thank you in advance elfenliedtopfan5

What I have tried:

did a lot of google searching on the issue plus doing what is discribed above.
Updated 20-Oct-18 3:27am

Hi, you can add a comment line in your file, for example:

now, whenever you want to add something to the file just do a replace:
myfile.Replace ("//{newline}", "newinstrution \n //{newline}");

so you'll always have a key to replace with a new instruction.
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This is what i would do

after you find
function main

var text = string.join("\n", elf);
int index = text.indexOf("function main");
if (index != -1){
int foundedIndex =-1;
while(index < elf.Count() -1 && foundIndex == -1){
char str = text [index];
if (str == '{'){
foundedIndex = index +1;
if (foundIndex)
text = text.Insert(foundedIndex, "your text after the bracket")
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elfenliedtopfan5 20-Oct-18 10:42am    
sorry i am somewhat new to this where about do i add this code because im not sure how to implument this into my program sorry to be a a pain
elfenliedtopfan5 20-Oct-18 11:42am    
i get the following error here
Alen Toma 20-Oct-18 22:32pm    
i cant see what the error says
Alen Toma 20-Oct-18 22:34pm    
And after
if (foundIndex != -1)
text = text.Insert(foundedIndex, "your text after the bracket")
you should write the text to the file and not elf
Alen Toma 21-Oct-18 20:35pm    
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