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I'm looking for some software that can record my screen as a video.
There are many options but I have some specific needs and I haven't found something that fits.
What I need is:
1) API that I can use from .Net. I need the ability to control the software from my code - including start/stop record, files' names etc...
2) Remote - The computer I want to record is weak (I can't replace it now), and it doesn't have a lot of free space either, so I want to do all the "heavy" work on another computer in the network.
3) Of course I want it to be as fast and as lite as possible (the quality is less important).

Does anyone know something that can help me?

Updated 10-Oct-18 4:02am
bbirajdar 19-Nov-12 3:53am
Yes. I can help you. Post the requirement here

I have and use Movavi Screen Capture & Video Editor 9 Personal Edition [Download]: Software[^]

I have version 8 and it is really fantastic. You can make and edit videos very easy and only $59.95. Compare that to $299 that Camtasia studio wants.

Not sure if you can control it via API.
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Oct-18 12:22pm
raddevus 10-Oct-18 13:30pm
Haha! "A good answer never grows old".* ~Confucious
Actually, right after I submitted the answer I was like, "wait, when was that question asked?" and I noticed how old it was.
The question bubbled up on the right side of the questions page and I answered it before I noticed that it was old.
I often do lame stuff so I figured leave this additional lame thing in the history record. :)

*Totally fabricated quote, but it sounds good here. :)
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Oct-18 13:57pm
It still happens to me too, even though I now look at the date it was asked before I post anything.
raddevus 10-Oct-18 13:45pm
Wait. Was I down-voted for answering an old question or because my answer was bad? Inquiring minds want to know. Actually, I don't really care, just hoping these comments are posting to your email. hahahhaaaaaa!!! Lighten up, Francis.
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Oct-18 13:58pm
Yeah, that was me. One of them anyway. I got too clicky before I noticed the name on the post.

I put my vote back to center.
raddevus 10-Oct-18 15:00pm
It's no problem. Thanks. :)
This would be better to build in two different application. first should capture the screen as image and save on network path and second should create video frames from image.

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