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Let's say an application "X" provisions access to its various components by its APIs (for e.g. Reference to X's APIs).

Then we have another application "Y" which allows user to built Plugins or DLLs (for e.g. AB's ADK Guide).

Objective: Establish communication between "X" and "Y" such that they could talk to each other and exchange data - mostly one way from X to Y.

What I have tried:

I am a total noob when it comes to DLLs/APIs. My C++ knowledge is limited to High School programming basics only. Could you kindly give me some advice or refer some books.

Thank You!
Updated 24-Sep-18 20:09pm

1 solution

One of the solution in your case for sharing data across apps could be "Shared data segment"

There can be some local reader writer components which can check when data is updated in shared data segment and by whom.

Other solution could be use shared memory, named pipe, external files, socket etc.
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ChimpTrader 25-Sep-18 1:17am    
Thank you Manish for your quick reply!

I am not aware of the techniques that you mentioned, even worse hearing them for the first time. Surely there will be different solutions for my problem but to figure out that suits the best is something I can only discern after trying various techniques.

Could you suggest a comprehensive guide book in this regard, I am comfortable in basic C/C++?

Thank you very much!
Manish K. Agarwal 25-Sep-18 1:36am

Also Google on various topics will help
Manish K. Agarwal 25-Sep-18 1:40am    
Few links to start with:
ChimpTrader 25-Sep-18 1:43am    
Lovely! Would be a marathon like challenge to my existence. Thanks... Let's see how far I succeed to grasp.

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