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Hi Friends,

I'm Trying To Design A System Wide Autocomplete Menu Showing Predictions Of The User Input As They Type.How To Implement It...

Example:-If I Type "Auto" In Keyboard The Prediction Menu Should Appear With Options Like Automatic,Automobile,etc...

I'm Trying It In VC++ Using Visual Studio.

Share Me Your Suggestions And References Please...

Thank You

What I have tried:

I Have Designed A Window Containing ListBox With Items Added To It...
Updated 9-Aug-18 2:22am

1 solution

You would have to install a global keyboard hook, track the active window to know when input goes to a different application or input control, and simulate key strokes upon auto completition.

How to do that can be found out with a simple web research:
SetWindowsHookEx function (Windows)[^]
SendInput function (Windows)[^]

But have you thought about possible side effects?

It is a security risk. Your service would also catch and store user names and passwords internally. For that reason I would not use it; especially when it provides an auto learning feature which stores entered strings not only temporarily.
srinivasankrishnaa 10-Aug-18 2:05am
Is There Any Possibility Way To Design This Feature With Out Vulnearability So That The Use Might Benefit From It...
Jochen Arndt 10-Aug-18 3:00am
Without: No
But knowing about this allows you to reduce the risks.
smeddinck 10-Aug-18 10:45am
Yes, you may want to implement a quick-switch as a combination of an easy hotkey and a software button to enable users to temporarily disable all prediction (and learning + related tracking) activity.
Then make sure (this is a general GDPR requirement) that all learned data is carefully protected and that only crucial elements (if any) are transferred remotely.

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