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I have a small project in I used a class to read & access the data as common. Now I don't know how to use it in aspx page. Also I can use it in aspx.cs no problem. But aspx page I cannot access the variable. Kindly advice me, thanks


public class My_GlobalData
        public static System.Data.DataTable MyAddressTbl = new DataTable();

In aspx.cs Page
System.Data.DataTable MyAdrsTbl = MyGlobalData.MyAddressTbl; // Working Good

But in aspx Page
System.Data.DataTable MyAdrsTbl = <%= My_GlobalData.MyAddressTbl %>;// ?????Not Working

Thanks Again

What I have tried:

Access the class declared public variable in aspx page
Updated 16-Aug-17 18:43pm

1 solution

try this

declare the variable in aspx.cs file
public partial class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page
     public System.Data.DataTable MyAdrsTbl;

and assign the value to the variable
<%=  MyAdrsTbl =  My_GlobalData.MyAddressTbl %>;
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Paramu1973 17-Aug-17 3:07am    
No, I don't wish to use aspx.cs file, everything I need to use with in aspx page. Reciving error "My_GlobalData does not exist in the current context" Thank you
Karthik_Mahalingam 17-Aug-17 3:35am    
afaik, its not possible.

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