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I have a situation where I need to debug a functionality which takes input from a series of some other functionalities. As these earlier functionalities take some time, I don't want to wait for these to happen every instance I debug. Instead I like to dump the snapshot of the application, at the moment all earlier functionalities are executed. Then I want to continue debugging the functionality that I am interested in. By this way, I can start debugging my functionality instantaneously. Is this possible using DUMP files? Or do we have any option in VS2012 to achieve my requirement?

The situation is not a crash or hang.
Updated 6-Jan-16 19:51pm
Jochen Arndt 7-Jan-16 7:52am    
If possible you might provide an option or build a special version (e.g. by preprocessor defines) that skips the inputs and initialises the input values with your test data.

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SasiKumarC 7-Jan-16 6:57am    
Hi Richard,
Here, all the search results help me only to create dump files. But my question is to use the dump and continue debugging. VS2012 throws an error while i try to step over, after loading the application session from a DUMP file.
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jan-16 7:10am    
Sorry, I have never tried it myself. You need to study some of those links.

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