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Good day, I am doing an app that presents items to users on a recycler view. In that recycler view, the user is presented an image with a description. My data source, is a web service... It returns the image url..I know I could just download d image async, and den load it into the image view. But for performance purposes. I dnt want the users to keep downloading the images anytym they scroll away..Does anybody know any good practise I could use?

You can show image by URL without downloading it. Downloading will be done automatically by your view and if user scrolls fast some pictures will be ignored. Modern UI components knows how to show images from web by URL and you don't need to download files manually.
Jethro Daniel 22-Sep-15 8:07am
Thanks for your solution, But can you help with links, or resources I can use and read up about this?
Don't mind, I found a component from xamarin component store called square.picasso that offers advanced image download and caching + it loads the image directly into the image view async..With loads of other features.
Sergey Kizyan 22-Sep-15 9:10am
This is what I mentioned. I didn't know which type of project you use and which controls are good for you. If this is xamarin control it is great.

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